If you are in the right country, a train ride can be very relaxing. You can reach your destination and enjoy the marvelous beauty of nature at the same time. Canada is well known for its extensive railway transportation system and beautiful landscapes. As a result, the train rides in Canada can help you enjoy a rich traveling experience. Indeed, riding the scenic trains in Canada with my good friend, Mark Roemer, has helped us both form some beautiful memories.

If you want to ride on a scenic train in Canada, you can take a look at our favorite scenic trains in Canada.

1.Rocky Mountaineer: Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia - This train ride will almost feel like a journey through the clouds. On this journey from Alberta to British Columbia, you will observe the amazing Hells’ Gate - a waterfall that is twice the size of Niagara Falls, the mighty Mount Robson, which is the highest mountain peak in Canada, the astonishing Moose Lake and the exquisite Albreda Glacier.

Truly, this can be the journey of a lifetime for you.

  1. Agawa Canyon Tour, Ontario - The Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park, located near Sault Sainte-Marie is a destination which can offer you a very thrilling experience. You can experience the pristine natural beauty of this canyon by hopping on a train or following a trail system. If you decide to ride on the train, you can get a tour of the whole canyon in just 90 mins.

If you are lucky, you can also catch sight of some Beavers which frequent the trail.

  1. VIA Rail: Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to Jasper, Alberta - By riding on this train which travels at a speed of 1,160 km/hr, you will be able to experience a dazzling view of the Canadian Rockies, the rustic hamlets, sparkling lakes, sawmills, and historic villages. You can also spot some animals like bear, wolves, eagles, moose or elks along the way.

The trip also offers an overnight layover in Prince George. However, you will be responsible for your own accommodation.

  1. White Pass and Yukon, Yukon - This railway route which runs through the glaciers and mountains was built in 1898. Indeed, it was a great feat back then and remains a wonder even today. It is absolutely thrilling to ride on this train where you can reach an astonishing 3,000 ft near the summit of White Pass. The scenic beauty you can witness in this journey is one of the best and will leave you with amazement towards the end of the journey.
  1. VIA Rail: Cross Country. Toronto to Vancouver - If you truly want to experience Canada, you have to get on this ride. You will travel over 4,400 km in this cross-country journey and experience the true diversity of the Canadian landscape which consists of mountains, lake, forests, and vast prairie grasslands. The whole trip will take 4 days to complete.


While I traveled with my friend, Mark Roemer, you can experience these marvelous train routes with your family.

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