Let’s face it… immediately may be a gold-rush and lots of small business owners and entrepreneurs are starting dispensaries within the now 10 states that have legalized marijuana.
But meaning that competition is tight! So how are you able to make your dispensary stand out from the crowd?

Search Engine Optimization may be tried and true thanks to gain more visitors to both your website and your store.
It is one among the best long-term investments you'll bring your dispensary business… Especially immediately while the market remains new and there isn’t plenty of competition online.
In the article, i'm getting to show you a couple of great techniques to grow your dispensaries traffic in as little as a couple of weeks with no money.

Medical Marijuana Marketing
The key to ranking higher in Google and other search engines may be a few techniques that structure SEO as an entire . Cannabis marketing consists of 4 key pieces which will help your site rank better:
• Local SEO: Local SEO is that the methodology of accelerating your website rank in your businesses local area. for instance when someone searches ‘Dispensaries near me’ in Colorado… you'll show up.
• Content: The key to ranking good within the search engines has great content that users engage with and share. This creates high-quality backlinks, boosting your website to the top!
• Link Building: As mentioned before, having quality relevant links pointing to your site will increase its position altogether of the search engines.
• On-Page SEO: ensuring that your site complies with the newest SEO coding conventions is simply as important as the other SEO technique.
Marijuana Local SEO for Dispensaries
To get even more specific, here are the techniques that you simply should use to realize better rankings in google for your dispensary and the way to implement them on your website.
On-Page SEO
having your dispensaries website be coded correctly for SEO is simply as important as any of the methods above. so as for Google to understand what your website is about, there are a couple of belongings you got to optimize on your page.
Heading Tags
Headings are HTML tags that Google uses to decipher what your content/website is about. Heading tags are wont to explain sections of content and are numbered of importance.
Having one h1 tag and supporting h2, h3, h4 tags on every page of your website will help grow your dispensary website traffic. These headings should explain your content and have keywords like ‘City, State Dispensary’ and every one your other keywords, like your business name and products.
Alt Tags
Google is basically good at reading and deciphering text but it’s not so great at deciphering images. That’s why using alt tags is basically important for marijuana marketing. Add your keywords to your images in order that Google knows what they're about and can even index them in Google images, supplying you with another source of traffic.
Google has now confirmed that having a secure (HTTPS) website features a small advantage when it involves ranking within the search engines. So confirm that your dispensaries website features a proper SSL certificate and is all HTTPS secured.
Responsive Design
this one may surprise you but having a responsive website is a crucial on-page SEO factor. Google now uses user navigation data to rate how good a websites user experience is. Meaning that if people often come to your website and instantly leave, you'll get dinged in Google and doubtless not rank well.
Having an internet site that works on any device will help keep visitors on your site and taking actions. Search engines will notice this and rank you higher because they see that visitors enjoy your site over your competition

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