For decades now nonprofit organizations, medical associations and committees have been trying to restore the truth about cannabis and its effects on human health.

Known as marijuana or weed, the dried flowers of cannabis contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive constituent that led to the use of this plant as a recreational drug. These dried flowers are used in different forms like blunts, joints, bowls, vaporizers or pipes. One's creativity is the limit.

Since it has become prohibited to smoke marijuana, there have been many studies to determine how dangerous it is. According to them it has been shown that responsible use of marijuana does not affect health or social conduct. It is important to be known that a person that smokes marijuana maintains his or her capacity to choose the right moment and place to do it and it does not impair his or her judgement as other drugs do. Nevertheless, people under the effects of marijuana, should not drive cars and will probably not be in the right state of mind for taking important decisions.

The physiological effects of “weed” are increased heart beat, mouth dryness, sensation of heat or cold on the skin, red eyes, decreased intraocular pressure and muscle relaxation.

NORML, an American organization, formed in 1970 in order to amend criminal prohibition of marijuana, conducts and collects studies and medical reports with the purpose of establishing the level of danger a person is exposing herself when using marijuana regularly. An UK report from 2006 stated that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco on all levels: socially, in physical health and addiction risk.

It is interesting to know that studies have been made to determine the lethal dose in animals, and it has been a challenge for scientists to establish a toxic quantity. Extrapolated to humans, a toxic effect would appear if someone managed to smoke 15000 joints in 20 minutes.

But all these studies refer to adults. Children represent a different category and should not use marijuana. This rule is valid for all types of accepted drugs, like alcohol or tobacco and should be the responsibility of their parents to teach them what is safe to do and what not.

Another fear about marijuana consumption is that it could open the door for other, more dangerous, drugs. Well, this could be founded if marijuana would alter the mind of the user. But since it has not been scientifically proved that cannabis does that, the only responsibility of deciding to try stronger drugs remains to the consumer.

Since the main effect of smoking marijuana is to relax the body and alter perception and mood, many young people use it as a social activity. Known singers and actors use marijuana and they are subject of permanent discussion because of their notoriety. Examples of VIPs that attracted attention with their loose behavior regarding marijuana are Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Whoopi Goldberg or Kristin Dunst.

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