The leading maritime companies offer a variety of facilities such as managing dock work, coordinating with logistics companies for movement of goods, handling the procurement of shipping materials for building new ships and repairing old ones, and so on.

One such leading maritime company which provides a plethora of excellent services is none other than MariApps Marine Solutions. It is a pioneer in providing digital solutions to the marine industry. The first-of-its-kind app allows users to track vessels, fetch real time finance, performance and operational data to facilitate decision making processes easier, reduce operational risk and maximize uptime.

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MariApps Marine Solutions is a digital technology company focused on providing maritime enterprises with customized applications and software solutions, including its flagship product smartPAL. With over 600 dedicated experts across the globe, MariApps strives to develop solutions that support maritime businesses to succeed in the rapidly transforming industry they operate in.

Insightful Leadership

The person responsible for the success of MariApps is none other than Mr. Sankar Ragavan, the Chief Executive Officer of the company. In 2015, Mr. Sankar became the CEO of MariApps Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd., a maritime digital solutions company based in Singapore, with development centres in India, and offices in Cyprus, Germany, and France. Prior to this, he had served in many senior IT positions in Jumeirah Hotels, Dubai, TV Guide, Sapient, IDP, General Motors, Commerce One, and Aerotech in USA.

Emphasis on Excellence

MariApps becomes a partner to the customer in achieving a fully automated solution across the organization. It keeps on innovating the application it offers with regard to UI, technology, dashboards, widgets, data, security, and numerous capabilities of the product can offer. MariApps provides to the maritime industry tools for analysis of multi-dimensional data. For e.g. its smartPAL Business Intellgence (BI) solution offers a way for organization to examine data to understand trends and derive insights by streamlining the effort needed to search for, merge, and query the data necessary to make sound business decisions.

Tackling the Pandemic Efficiently

MariApps has set in place an integrated business continuity strategy to reduce disruptions, extending this also to its customers. The extensive continuity program is a contingency plan to keep the continuity of services operations in the event of unforeseen circumstances like the current pandemic, with minimal disruption.

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