March is here! And what a lovely and joyous month it is to collaborate, celebrate, and who knows, maybe even captivate a new audience! I hope you have some time to spend with me...seriously, I was so excited to share this SoulCast that I may have gone a little overboard! But no worries, I brought along some life jackets, and if need be, you are welcome to read the transcript if I lose you along the way, or listen again to catch anything you might have missed.

This month, March 2019, looks absolutely fantastic especially if you believe in miracles or at the very least, miraculous moments and encounters, as the magic of this month’s journey is poised to bring major surges of free-flowing and abundant energies that are sure to inspire, enlighten, and motivate our power within to make our intentions known, and take action toward our true desires. It’s as if the walls of uncertainty and fears of the unknown are ready for demolition, and the energetic vibrations this month are in perfect alignment to start showing confidence and building on what we most want to be, have, and do.

As we enter into March 2019, it’s time to stop procrastinating, stop looking back, stop seeking approval for the things you want most out of life, stop comparing yourself to others who have more or less in life than you, and start recognizing and believing that you are deserving of your true desires, and more than that, start celebrating the miracle of you!

That’s right, you are the miracle of your own life experience. You are strong, you are powerful, you are resilient, you are capable, and you truly know what’s best for you. Being courageous and truly believing in your own value and worth is the key to attracting and manifesting the abundance you truly desire! Believing this way about yourself opens the door to creating the life you want by raising your internal vibration to match the vibration of the Universe, thereby allowing you to recognize and embrace the abundance gifts, lessons, and opportunities that the Universe is making available to you.

This way of thinking isn’t about pretending to be someone you’re not, playing the “fake it till you make it” game, or acting “as if” you are the person you want to be, it is about truly believing at soul-level that you are an exceptional and gifted being that has immeasurable value and is worthy and deserving to be, have, and do, the things in life you truly desire. And when you truly believe this way about yourself, others will too, which may then open the door to attracting and manifesting the new, better, more, and different abundance you truly desire.

When we begin to transform our thoughts about ourselves in this way, we also transform the abundance we attract and manifest, and when we believe we deserve it, the Universe will serve it. There is a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer that I’m quite fond of, it states, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

So, when we busy our mind, body, and spirit with negativity, whether it is negativity about how we perceive ourselves and our own circumstances, or how we perceive the external forces surrounding us, those perceptions create our beliefs, and our beliefs create our reality, and who wants a life experience plagued with negativity? Certainly not me, and I certainly hope not you either, and that’s why this month’s mantra will not only focus on believing in your value and worth, but also believing that you are deserving to have the abundance you truly desire.

Here’s your March 2019 mantra example:

“I am an exceptional and gifted being with immeasurable value and believe I am worthy and deserving to be, have, and do everything in life I truly desire.”

When you use the mantra, you will not only begin to see and feel things change and transform within yourself, you will also see how the perceptions of others about you change and transform. Please keep in mind, these two simple but important details;

(1) Transformation takes time and using mantras is only a small fraction of what it takes to change and transform into the person you most want to be and receive the abundance you truly desire, and (2) Belief is absolutely powerful, but not all belief is absolute.

Although changing what you truly believe about yourself can be life changing and also contagious when it comes from an authentic place, it is highly unlikely that you will benefit from the use of mantras, until you are ready and 100% committed to doing the work, and taking the action required to change and transform your life experience for the better in order to receive the abundance you truly desire.

By the way, this mantra is also a great journaling exercise, as you can start documenting the changes you see, feel, and project, and how you see changes in the way others perceive and respond to you. Here’s what I suggest, at the end of every day write down the mantra, reflect about what happened in your day that is relevant to the mantra, anything, whether significant or little things you might view as insignificant and then journal about it.

This Month’s Energy Number is 1
The number 1 energy is the root of all energy. It is an earthly and masculine energy with its main function of design to help us remain grounded and provide a sense of protection, safety, and security, as well as help us fulfill our basic needs. It is the starting point of new beginnings, new transformations, and where the seeds we plant begin to sprout roots and grow. The vibrational energy of the number 1 begins by pulsing its way up from the earth’s core and then gains momentum as it pushes its way up through the earth, and then like a tree, it branches out into the Universe where the force of its vibration forms the first circle of light energy in the vortex of the Time and Space Continuum.

It is the strongest vibration in the energy vortex and thrives on helping us fulfill our basic needs, choose our path, and empowers us with self-confidence and courage to break free of the thought monsters and negativity holding us back from attracting and manifesting our true desires. It is the vibration of transformation and growth and fuels our root chakra with the energy it requires to keep our internal fire burning with the will, determination, passion, and motivation to see us through the rough terrain of life’s ups and downs.

When guided by the number 1 energy, we are likely to experience bursts of adrenaline not only during physical activity, but also during times of intense focus, concentration, and creativity that allows our mind to absorb and retain new information and leads the way for our best thoughts and ideas to emerge and take hold. Although there are many positive aspects of the number 1 energy, it also has its negative aspects when not maintained or kept in balance. For example, too much of this energy can lead to anger, rage, frustration, aggression, an overwhelming need to control everyone and everything, insomnia, impulsivity, and obsessive behaviours, just to name a few. While having too little of this number 1 energy can make us more susceptible to depression, irrational fears, anxiety, lack of confidence, physical and mental illness, self-pity, laziness, and lethargy.

Fortunately, this month is also fueled by the number 3 energy which will help curtail the negative aspects with its feminine influences and both energies combined, will lead this month into a balanced and productive cycle to get things done, start something new, or perhaps take steps to reinvent yourself for the next chapter of your life experience.

This Month’s Universal Law is The Universal Law of Vibration
The Universal Law of Vibration states “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates, which forms a rate of Frequency.” Without going into too much detail about this, although I know I will, so you may as well get comfy...there is this theory I have and want to share, as it may help you better understand how the Universe works in relation to granting us the abundance we truly desire, vs the abundance we wish for.

Within the 12 Universal Laws that govern our existence there is what I refer to as the Divine Order of Operation. This Divine Order of Operation is passed down to us from the Universe as part of our 3rd Dimensional Blueprint and is what I refer to as the “structure,” which is strategically put in place to help us attract and manifest the abundance we truly desire.

The Divine Order of Operation is not a math related theory, but rather the sequential order that the 12 Universal Laws follow to make the Law of Attraction possible. I’m not saying it’s an end all be all to attracting and manifesting abundance, but in all my studies, research, and even my own life experience, I have not found any other system, methodology, program, or theory, more accurate or true to form than what I’m about to share with you. I do ask that you keep an open mind, as If you are among those who believe that the Law of Attraction works on the premise that simply thinking positive will attract and manifest whatever you want into your reality, well, I’m sorry to say, my theory doesn’t really support that, because my own belief is that you need to apply yourself and take action toward the things you want to attract and manifest for your life experience. In other words, its not enough to just think it, wish it, or request it into existence, you might actually need to roll up your sleeves and put a little elbow grease into it. And if you’re not willing to do that, then what you say you want, is probably not aligned with your True-Self, and will likely result in receiving more of the same thing you already have, something you don’t want, or perhaps nothing at all.

Can positive or wishful thinking help you get what you want? Sure, you might even get a wish or two granted by doing this, but sometimes those granted wishes also come with Karmic Debts and Consequences because your internal vibration, frequency, and timing were not in alignment with the vibration, frequency, and timing of the Universe in some way. When put into context, this is simply the Universe reminding you to be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it.

For example; maybe at some time in your life, you wished for something new, better, more, or different, and you got it, and of course at the time it made you happy and everything seemed awesome. But then, things took a turn, and all that you once found to be awesome somehow went terribly wrong, or made your situation worse than it was before, and you soon found yourself wishing you never made the wish you made because of the price you ultimately wound up paying for it - whether it was a financial, social, mental, emotional, or spiritual price, as it was a price that you never bargained for in the first place.

Those are Karmic debts and consequences forged by making wishes and requests for abundance that are not tied to our true desires, and most often don’t follow the Divine Order of Operation. They also don’t come from a place of authenticity, but rather a place of lack, greed, or general selfishness designed to achieve some type of instant gratification.

According to my theory, the Universal Laws of Vibration, Rhythm, and Gender (AKA Timing), are the first three laws in the Divine Order of Operation. They are bound together and rely on each other to maintain the balance and flow of Universal Energy collection and distribution as it makes its way up and down the energy vortex of the Time and Space Continuum. In order for us to receive the abundance we truly desire it is important to understand that the Universe responds to energy at a much higher rate of vibration and frequency than our Ego-Self is capable of transmitting.

When we are making abundance wishes and requests based from our Ego-Self, the vibration and frequency of our internal energy is too low for the Universe to fully process all at once, and what we wish or request for gets swept up in fragments rather than as whole and fully in tact, thereby shifting the balance between giving and receiving, and causing rifts, waves, and fluctuations in the energy vortex that will eventually need to be smoothed over to maintain an even and balanced flow of Universal Energy, and that’s how we end up with Karmic debts and consequences.

These Karmic Debts and Consequences at some point will become payable in full to restore the balance that was disturbed when we wish or request something that doesn’t align with the Universe or our true desires, whether that price we pay is due a week, month, year, 20 years from now, or even in another lifetime. Regardless of when it is, we will eventually wind up paying for it in some way.

However, there is a second type of abundance that I refer to as Dharmic Abundance. Dharmic Abundance is tied to an intention. Intentions come from a place of authenticity, your True-Self, which resonates with your core values, and correlates to a true desire that is attached to your soul purpose. And your soul purpose is always in alignment with the energetic vibration, frequency, and timing of the Universe, and will likely not disturb or upset the balance of the energy vortex. Now, by my own definition, soul purpose is doing what you love doing and giving what you love giving for the betterment of yourself, others, and the world around you. And since I believe that the Universe operates on a give and receive basis, setting an intention means that you’re not seeking instant gratification, that your intention isn’t driven by selfishness, and that it is something you are 100% committed to working toward, learning more about, or have a genuine interest and passion for.

Sometimes we go through life so caught up in our insecurities, fears, doubts, and thought monsters of our Ego-Self that our True-Self struggles to be seen and heard. As this cycle happens, we are unable to receive the new, more, better, and different abundance opportunities, gifts and lessons from the Universe because our energy gets stuck, rendering our External-Self unable to give and receive for our highest good. However, the good news is, you don’t have to live in this stuck state of being, because it is your divine right to be, have, and do, all the things you truly desire to be, have, and do, and live your best life experience.

This means, you have the power to unstick all that stuck or stagnant energy, raise your energetic vibration and frequency to align with that of the Universe, and set authentic intentions relative to your true desires, instead of wishing and requesting for things that more often than not cause Karmic Debts and Consequences, rather than the Abundance you are worthy and deserving to have for living your best life experience.

With the power of the number 1 energy, coupled with the year energy number 3, and working in conjunction with both this month’s Universal Law of Vibration and this year’s Universal Law of Gender, March 2019 is the most optimum month for raising your vibration, releasing any stuck, stagnant and negative energies, and aligning your vibration, rhythm and timing with the Universe, in effort to more easily and more consistently attract and manifest your true desires. And here are some tips to help you raise your energetic vibration and frequency; Physical activity if you can, listening to music that makes you feel good, dancing, walking, hiking, meditation, saying your mantra’s, convening with nature, yoga, journaling, proper sleep, diet, and exercise, volunteering your time to charitable organizations, helping someone in need and supporting causes you’re passionate about.

This Month’s Tarot Card is The Magician
Magic, Manifest, Money, Mastery, Motivation, Meditation...So many M words found in this March 2019 SoulCast, it’s Mind bending! Okay, getting back to the Magician. This month the Magician makes his presence known and if you’re familiar at all with the Tarot, then you know that when the Magician shows up in a reading, the world is your oyster! The Magician represents new beginnings, new transformations, new ideas, maybe some mystery, and perhaps a miracle or a miraculous encounter of some kind that’s just waiting for you to stumble upon, but only when you’re truly ready to embrace it.

In one hand he is holding his magic wand pointed up toward the sky, the other hand extends down his side pointed at the earth, while above his head is the infinity symbol, and laid out on the table in front of him are a pentacle, wand, sword, and cup. It appears that he is ready to help us manifest something amazing, and because he thrives on helping us attract and manifest our true desires, he is also reminding us that we are the Master and the Miracle of our own life experience, and have the power within to choose the journey, path, and direction that’s best for us at any time we see fit.

So, perhaps you have been thinking about changing your path, mapping out a new direction, or taking a different journey than the one you’re currently on, well, what’s stopping you? You have the safety and protection of this month’s number 1 energy, this year’s number 3 energy guiding you around the roadblocks, this year’s Universal Law of Gender (AKA Timing), paired with this month’s Universal Law of Vibration, and of course the Universal Law of Rhythm is peppered in since all three Universal Laws are bound together, and with the Magician on your side this month, paired with this year’s tarot card, the Empress, I truly can’t think of a better combination, as the road that was once blocked, or the door that was once locked, are all but a distant memory, and whatever it was that held you back is no longer an obstacle, and whenever you’re ready, you’re free to start exploring, learning, growing, transforming and designing your life to be, have, and do, everything you truly desire.

How magical and magnificent March is going to be, and we’re not even done yet...

This Month’s Chakra is the Root Chakra
The Root chakra is all about our basic survival needs. Safety, security, eating, drinking, sleeping, and earning a living. It is the epicentre of all of our other chakras and sits at the base of our spine. Much like the number 1 energy sprouting up through the earth and branching out, the Root Chakra spins energy up through our core and then branches out, disbursing its energy up through our other chakras and then out into our entire body.

This flow of energy helps us to feel grounded, present, mindful, safe, secure, and aids in our ability to set goals, and lead productive, fulfilling, and balanced lives. When our Root Chakra is fully charged and running at optimum performance, it is systematically providing energy to all of our other Chakras, enabling us to feel more energized, accomplish difficult tasks, have longer periods of focus and concentration, retain more information, and sleep better. However, when not running at optimum performance, pretty much the opposite is true, as we may feel sleepy, restless, forgetful, and even clumsy.

This month we are at a huge advantage as the Root Chakra is paired with this year’s Solar Plexus Chakra giving us that extra boost of power to bring more self-confidence, self-awareness, passion, and courage for us to feel safe when expressing our True-Self to the world. With this type of power, we are likely to more easily recognize and embrace the new, better, more, and different abundance opportunities available to us because we are more confident to step out of the confines of our Ego-Self to explore things we may have previously deemed as too scary, too impossible, or too risky.

Getting away from your comfort zone this month is the ideal way to let your Ego-Self take a break and allow your True-Self to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. And what an amazing way to raise your energetic vibration!

By the way, there are some Super-power days this month you may want to take note of, and they are the 1st, 10th, 19th, and the 28th. Why are they Super-power days? Because they are the days of the month that reduce to the number 1, which means their power is supercharged at twice the intensity, thereby making their energy Super-powerful.

In addition, the 19th is also a Karmic day, and super-power days mixed with karmic days are kind of like lighting the fuse on a stick of dynamite and not letting go of it! So be aware, and look-out, as you may experience super-powerful and Karmic energies that have a tendency to cause chaos, difficulty with communication, misunderstandings, and emotional outbursts. So, you may want to avoid situations and people that thrive on conflict that day.

This Month’s Archangel is Uriel
Archangel Uriel is always standing by to help with any of our core issues, challenges, and questions, and can be of tremendous help when needing clarity to set meaningful intentions, when facing difficult decisions, or when seeking inner wisdom to help us discover our soul purpose. He is here to light the way, and this month, he also has the help of this year’s Archangel Raziel, and together they can release any fears and doubts we have about allowing our True-Self to explore and/or begin the new, better, more, and different abundance opportunities. And, they can also protect us from our Ego-Self trying to sabotage our efforts to believe and embrace that we have immeasurable value and are worthy and deserving to be have and do everything we truly desire and live our best life experience.

This Month’s Crystal is Tigers Eye
The Tigers Eye connects us with earth and our life purpose, helps release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance, guards against negativity, improves focus, attention, awareness, and determination. Stimulates wealth and abundance, enhances financial stability, and allows us to maintain and keep wealth, without giving in to greed and abuse of power.

Do you need to pass a test, get a new job, ask for a promotion or raise? Do you need more income or more financial stability? Are you seeking new social, personal, or business relationships or partnerships? Tigers Eye is the perfect stone to meditate with, carry, wear, or keep at your desk, in your home and even your car this month because it reduces worry and stress, helps to stay present, focused, and grounded and aids in expressing our True-Self with confidence. And you’ll be relieved to know that, any negative karmic energies, and attachments that are clinging on to your energy field will be released back to the earth, and no longer a burden or obstacle in the way of living your best life experience, when paired with this year’s crystal, Malachite.

By all indications, March 2019 seems to be the ideal month for setting your intentions to attract and manifest whatever you may be needing, wanting, or seeking to improve and allowing the Universe to show you the way.

This Month’s Aromatherapy is Lemongrass
Imagine yourself standing in a lemon tree orchard on a beautiful sunny day, it’s that feeling of pure bliss where all the worries and stress of your daily routine vanish without a trace. Lemongrass is so warming, peaceful, and tranquil, not to mention adding it to your bath water, or diffuser, may help alleviate stress, anxiety, migraines, headaches, and indigestion, and can be used to clear away acne, minor skin irritations, and dandruff. Enjoy the bliss, you deserve it! (something funny I thought I’d share, the first time I smelled lemongrass essential oil, it made me feel like dusting my furniture, because it smelled exactly like Pledge! However, I did get past the Pledge smell and now I just find it simply blissful, and oh, so amazing.)

This Month’s Colour is red
Red energy is our connection to the element of earth, providing grounding, protection, and security. It represents strength, stability, vitality, passion, courage, and self-confidence.

Whether you have an interview, meeting with someone new, or speaking in front of a group, wearing something red may help captivate and keep the attention of your audience, and offer up some amazing or even miraculous moments or encounters with the person or people, who have what you need, at the exact time that you need it.

Adding something red to your meditation space this month can help you achieve a deeper connection with the Universe, your Spirit Guides, and Angels, and more easily receive their help, messages, and blessings.

As always, whatever you do, do it with purpose, for purpose, and on purpose

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Intuitive Energy Healer/Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Numerologist, Tarot Practitioner, and Angel Practitioner with an integrated approach to helping others attract and manifest the Abundance they truly desire to be, have, and do, who and what they’re truly meant to be, have, and do, according to their soul purpose.