In the Netherlands, there is a lot of vacancies. At Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate we see these problems as opportunities. We believe that supply and demand in the real estate market must grow closer together. We try to achieve this by purchasing vacant spaces, transforming them and giving them a destination. A destination that people need. I rent rooms in Utrecht at Zamenhofdreef and Nachtegaalstraat. There isn't much room available for the student. You can opt to live in a home or a student apartment, which is common among Dutch students.
Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate buys and transforms
Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate does not like waste. An empty building, that's a shame. We look for hidden gems and give them a new life by transforming them into a beautiful home or store where our customers can make their home or business wish come true. We do this with courage and are not afraid to take risks. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we immediately recognize the potential for success. Thanks to our network and nose for efficient business, Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate realizes transformation projects at a rapid pace. In this way, we contribute a large stone to maintaining 'flow' in the housing market.
Frequently, individuals are somewhat more likely to choose for the property as opposed to knowing the attributes and how good the landlord is. Utilizing the aid of a Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate can help you to make sure your experience is left up to standard and grants you the assurance a specialist is at your services.
Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate leasehold & manages: Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate is proud of its properties. We will be extra happy if we can proudly share this with our tenants. Whether you want something completely new in a characteristic building in the city center, or just want to live in a nice student room or a more expensive apartment. With our large and varied range, there is something for everyone.   
Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate rents out for competitive prices. But you often get just a little bit more. Driven by progress, Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate is always looking for innovative concepts that contribute to pleasant or sustainable living. What do you think of a combined hotel and residential building, where you as a tenant are welcomed every day in the lobby. Or a building that is completely fired with CO2-neutral biomass boilers. Because it also applies here: Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate does not like waste.   
Considering rent a house? Our rent Plan can help you discover the ideal house for the ideal price. We'll help you evaluate how your lifestyle and lifestyle demands can affect the home or area that's ideal for you, examine price trends and progress the ideal strategy for buying the house.
Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate stands for honesty and clarity: clear contracts, without snags. If you say yes, you know what you are choosing. Appointment = appointment. For tenant and landlord. With a good relationship you can count on:
• No unexpected additional taxes on service costs.
• Do you have a complaint? Then this is quickly resolved.
• Do you treat your home nicely? Then we do not faint about small tenant maintenance such as replacing a broken door handle, faucet or baseboard. This way we keep it beautiful together!

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