The importance of a beautiful and fancy table top in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics can never be underrated. An exquisite marble inlay table tops bring a royal décor to your living rooms, dining area, meeting rooms or any other space in your home.

Home décor is the reflection of the owner’s personality and style statement and a classic and elegant table top is the showstopper of a room’s aesthetics. A fine polished marble inlay table top with its artistic royal designer motifs transforms the décor and ambience of a space into a luxurious and elegant one.

Marble inlay coffee table top is arguably the epitome artifact of age-old Indian handicraft of Mughal Marble Inlay art. Taj Mahal, the crown jewel of India in Agra is famous for its beauty and elegance all over the world.
Taj Mahal is rendered with numerous brilliant and unique characteristics making it a monument of beauty beyond this world, one of which is the centuries old art of marble inlay artwork. The exquisite, multi-coloured patterns and designs carved in white marble reflect the brilliance of an age-old Indian handicraft.

This handicraft is carved onto the marble inlay table tops and renders your homes with the same royal and divine aura that resides with the Taj Mahal.

History of Marble Inlay Table Top

Since the sixteenth century, marble inlay table top has been one of the highlights and key element of the Mughal royal dining and evening parties. Significantly, these Marble Inlay Table tops were used to serve guests of the Royal Court and in private quarters of Mughal Emperors. Marble inlay table top were designed and shaped artistically in unique patterns and motifs inlayed with multi-coloured semi-precious stones each exclusive to the user of the Mughal royal court and the purpose it served.

Mughal emperors Jehangir often had distinguished guests at his court such as visiting traders from European nations such as France, Britain and the Netherlands carrying gifts for a powerful figure at the royal court, Nur Jahan, such as unique dining tables. She would enjoy her meals on these gorgeous looking dining tables which eventually developed into Marble Inlay Tabletops carved onto white marble with beautifully studded surface of semi-precious stones.

Uses of Marble Inlay Table Top

Marble Inlay Table Top is one of the most sought-after marble inlay handicrafts which require immaculate concentration and years of hard work before the artwork is perfected. With fine precision and a steady hand, marble inlay table tops are crafted on white marble on which detailed motifs are hand carved and engraved with beautiful semi-precious stones increasing its value multi-fold. The whole process can take from 20 days to a couple of months.

With their vintage and extremely detailed motifs and design patterns, marble inlay coffee table top takes you back to the artistic world of Mughal era. You can look up different marble inlay coffee table top to get unique patterns and designs; each gorgeous and exclusive in its carving and colour combination. Place Marble Inlay Coffee Table top in your living rooms not only for their utilization but also as a style statement and drawing the attention of your guests and giving your home a royal look.

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture for your living areas at home, offices and workplaces which apart from being functional, reflects your sense of aesthetics. You can choose from various designs, shapes and sizes of marble inlay coffee table tops online, that suits perfectly with your personal style statement and home décor.

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