Feather boas are considered as one of the essential fashion accessories in a women's wardrobe. They are a long ropes of feathers worn around neck and shoulders. They come in variety of different colors, size and style that are sure to match or to augment any dressing style. Traditionally, feather boas are made from the real feathers. To give them different colors feather boas are artificially colored using natural pigments and sometime chemicals. Feather boas can be made from different feathers like Chandelle Feathers, Marabou Feathers and Ostrich Feathers. Every feather have their unique features to add to boas style and shape. Feather boas are great for parties and social events. Large and fluffy feather boas give a sophisticated look to any outfits.

Out of all different feather boas available in the market, Marabou feather boas are more known for its unique and glamorous style. The best thing about Marabou is it's inexpensive cost compared to other feather boas. Marabou feather boas are available in wide range of sizes and colors. They are much softer and flexible in appearance to suit all needs. Size of Marabou feathers can vary from 2 inches to 7 inches, and this variable size make it multipurpose since they can be worn as an accent piece or can be used for dressmaking, hats, handbags, costumes, fly tiers, shoes and many others. Marabou feathers can be of different types such as long and fine or short and fluffy. Long and fine Marabou feathers are soft and flexible. Short and fluffy Marabou feathers are relatively dense and hard.

Marabou feather boa, which is one of the most famous product of marabou feather are available in many different colors like red, pink, white, black, green, lavender and many more. Length of Marabou feather boas can vary up to 42 inches. Marabou feather boas are widely used in many performances and movie productions. Apart from this, Marabou feathers are also used in home decoration, crafts and dress designs. The black Marabou feather boa can be used to decorate formal evening wear, while the white Marabou feather boa are famous for their wedding dresses. This can be used for decorating gift boxes, floral arrangements, wedding cakes, wedding accessories, hairstyle, bouquets and scattered on the tables. Feathers decoration are such impactful that you can find feather themed weddings and parties. It really adds purity, love and romance into wedding parties.

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