Portable vacuums are great for cleaning in small areas like vehicles, corners, stairs, etc. There are many types and brands of portable vacuum cleaners. Some are just for dry vacuuming, but there are models that can be used for wet and dry. They are also good for vacuuming the car, especially if it is a wireless model. A cordless model is ideal for traveling in motorhomes instead of taking a large bulky vacuum that needs to be plugged in for use and requires much more storage space. Many have a convenient 12V DC plug that works with your vehicle's mains plug. They can include a hose and accessories and can also be used to inflate pool toys, rafts, air mattresses, and other items.

Of course, there are still many other models that can qualify as a portable vacuum. There are battery-powered portable brooms that make cleaning large areas easy without plugging and unplugging a regular vacuum cleaner. Many of these are battery powered and can be recharged when not in use. They are easier to use around and under furniture, in corners and on stairs. Many models of brooms are also made to clean linoleum and tiles with a wet solution. The solution is generally sprayed from the front of the broom and then cleaned. Substitutes having a mop and bucket.

There are also bar vacuums that are good at giving your floors a deep clean. They are lightweight, easy to store, and powerful enough for light daily cleaning. It will not replace your vacuum, but it can replace your broom and dustpan. Many are wireless and bagless, making them easy to use anywhere. Many can also be used on light rugs.

There are also canister vacuums that are light enough to be considered portable. This is usually a small container that rolls easily behind a longer handle and hose. It can also be used in smaller areas, as the container generally rolls more easily. The longer handle makes it easy to clean all areas, including walls and ceilings. Typically accessories such as crack tools, brushes and sometimes pet waxing brushes included with these vacuum cleaners are included. This also makes them ideal for cleaning chairs and sofas as they can get between and under cushions. They can also be used to clean cobwebs from the corners of walls and ceilings.

Many portable vacuums do not have a bag and therefore can be emptied anytime, anywhere. This is another feature that makes them ideal for traveling. No need to worry about the bag getting full and having to carry extra bags or find a place to buy bags. The can usually falls off and can either be emptied into a trash bag or taken to the nearest trash container.

As you can see, the phrase "portable vacuum" can refer to many types of vacuum cleaners, including hand or light, dry or wet, electric or cordless, can or broom and bag or bag. There are also many other types of portable cleaners https://www.amazon.com/APOSEN-Handheld-Cleaner-Powerful-Cyclonic/dp/B07X...

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As you can see, the phrase "portable vacuum" can refer to many types of vacuum cleaners.