Many Faces of Graphic Design: 7 Aspects to Consider
One of the reasons why this professional field has such a broad presence in our lives lies in the fact that people are mostly visual creatures. We tend to perceive images faster than words. We are influenced by colors and shapes. We respond to characters and symbols. We need prompts and visual hierarchy. We are dependent on emotions and feelings. The list may be prolonged — and Graphic Design is what makes the difference.

It rarely occurs that the graphic design serves only one objective. Let’s look into the core goals set for graphic assets.

1- Identification
This aspect deals primarily with branding. First of all, logos that set the foundation for a brand strategy. Designers have to consider multiple factors regarding the target audience, laws, and rules of artistic harmony, the psychology of color and shape, impact on human perception and emotions, and the current conditions on the market as well as the business goals of the brand or company. Moreover, visual images are memorable, which enhances brand awareness.

2- Beauty
Beauty means much as it works as a hook for the users or viewers dealing with visual stuff from advertising to book covers, cartoons, and user interfaces of all kinds, packaging, photos and loads of other things. We tend to be emotionally and aesthetically engaged. Although content and functionality are crucial for problem-solving, people still live by the unwritten rule that a good dress is a card of invitation. Attractive appearance is highly important to engage users in trying a product, watching a video, especially regarding modern intense - competition. Graphic design also becomes a powerful tool for UI beautification from small details like icons to significant elements like illustrations and mascots.

3- Theme and Mood
Visual elements, as well as copy, not only transfer the message but also set the tone and voice of communication. It may be reached with a background, typography, composition, color palette, shapes and sizes, stylistic approaches that inform the user about the product from the first seconds of contact. Visual perception plays a big role in decision-making, especially in cases of introduction: short minutes or even seconds are vital to get the user interested. As well, following popular trends, graphic designers give the object an up-to-date look which is an essential factor of trust for many users.

4- Explanation, Information, and Guiding
This aspect is presented both in print assets and digital interfaces in various tutorials, manuals, tool-tips, guides, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words: It saves precious time and helps to avoid big copy blocks. Even more, graphics based on a thorough analysis of the target audience turn on the mechanism of empathy and emotional appeal.

5- Navigation improvement
Custom graphic elements are a great way to improve navigation and boost usability. Practice shows it has a great impact on conversions and retaining readers, providing easy flow of journey through the website or app, map or city navigation. Besides, all this positive influence is supported by aesthetic pleasure if visual performance is consistent and keeps a harmonic composition.

6- Characters boosting communication
Personification applied appropriately is a factor of positive user experience; it strengthens brand image and brand awareness. That is why mascots and characters often become a part of a design concept and content strategy. And here graphic designers can show their best. Efficient mascots corresponding to expectations of the target audience provide originality and flow of communication which is closer to nature.

7- Stylish Copy
This is all about typography, the important branch of graphic design that deals with letters as a design object. Copy applied to various products should not only be legible, but also readable, attractive, and emotional. In the case of lettering for branding, it also adds such vital features as originality and recognizability.

A memorable graphic design is a means to promote a business. A unique logo, brochure, business card, website, and a host of other designs can even turn prospects into potential buyers. You can create a brand identity, convey your brand message, and reach a different audience with a design that stands out in the crowd.

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