Time and time again, we have drilled home the value of following ERP software best practices whenever embarking on an ERP project. Going into implementation without following confirmed strategies will lead to a solution that fails to deliver ROI and desired improvements.

But software success isn’t nearly ERP best practices; it’s additionally about enterprise best practices. For instance, manufacturers who implement a platform that doesn’t align with their targets, processes and industry standards will find that they have wasted their investment on a disappointing system that is not even used. Odoo ERP is a solution that’s designed to assist manufacturers instill and keep best practices to achieve enterprise development. Keep reading to learn how ERP can assist proven manufacturing methods.

Continuous Improvement

ERP software has the facility to overhaul outdated strategies and applications to streamline operations. Rather than handle every side of your organization with a special system, ERP can consolidate data and processes in one place. This simplifies actions, automates workflows and coordinates each part of your supply chain to work productively.

However, ERP isn’t just about sweeping transformation. It also drives incremental, continuous improvements. Collaboration and data visualization instruments allow everybody to contribute useful selections. Authorized users throughout your enterprise can immediately access dynamic stories to judge enterprise performance. Odoo includes an interactive home page that may be customized by each user, displaying related charts and graphs with drill-down capabilities. With data at their fingertips, your staff can understand how their roles contribute to the supply chain and uncover issues and potential opportunities.

Additionally, this stage of visibility breaks down knowledge silos. Users can see how the information and processes of different departments relate to their work and discover new methods to collaborate to unravel issues. With Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE), they’ll attain out to fellow staff right away to brainstorm concepts or ask questions with out flooding their inboxes. Similar to social media platforms, ESE creates a stay stream of knowledge that will help you monitor operations and message different customers. By encouraging enterprise collaboration and delivering in-depth insights, ERP helps producers pursue and monitor steady enhancements.


High client expectations and stringent regulations leave no room for error or mistake. Delivering quality products on time whereas producing a profit requires all processes to be correct and in sync. This is difficult to do whenever you collect data in multiple applications and spreadsheets. These data silos inhibit you from gaining a complete, real-time overview of operations. That means you can miss one error that units again your complete production line.

ERP harbors back-end data in a single location to offer you a full view of your enterprise efficiency. This reveals you the way supplies, individuals and money are flowing all through your organization. ERP software additionally provides users granular management. Odoo supports multilevel BOM management, permitting users to deal with advanced BOMs and routings via easy drag-and-drop performance. Employees have prompt access to inventory levels, to allow them to decide whether they can fulfill a big order or have excess inventory. Real-time data detects bottlenecks and the standing of particular jobs. Full traceability and prompt notifications assist staff keep optimum product high quality.

This stage of precision is important for planning future operations and tasks. For example, your ERP can store the load time of every job that will help you schedule accurately for upcoming work. Odoo’s Kanban functionality provides downstream cells and suppliers up-to-date visibility of future demand to facilitate accurate replenishment. With insight into the foundation causes of waste and downtime, customers can develop strategies to avoid repeating their errors. ERP gives manufacturers correct data and exact control over processes to drive enterprise growth.

Wrap Up

Successful manufacturing is all about meeting customer needs via repeatedly improving and exactly executing duties. For over 15 years, Odoo has been the chosen ERP vendor for discrete manufacturers throughout a number of verticals. Epicor packs its ERP solution with the best tools and modules to assist manufacturing best practices.

Apagen solutionsis an Odoo Partner that knows to manufacture. Our certified Odoo consultants have in depth expertise in a number of manufacturing environments, instilling us with the information to align ERP software to your specific necessities. With a full array of ERP solutions and services, we’re uniquely outfitted that will help you optimize your manufacturing efficiency from begin to end.

Do what’s best in your manufacturing enterprise: Contact Apagen immediately to learn more about Odoo ERP!


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