The power of your mind when you focus on higher vibrational physical realities can bring endless love into your life.

How does one enter a higher vibrational state? Gratitude is one way, or thinking or looking at something inspirational, or beautiful. Nature, a poem, a song, or past memories of peace and prosperity? Creativity!! Or the moment spent in reverie. However you enter this state, whereby you feel open and receptive do it and do it now. Why wait to feel the bliss of love. Your true love, or twin flame was borne at the same time as you. Once you are in a state of harmony, you can call them to you. For those of you who are new to visualization – below is an example of how you can feel your way to love.

Visualize a romantic setting that you would like to bring into your life.

Example: You see yourself walking hand in hand down a glorious sandy beach with tall, dark and handsome or a beautiful woman. You are both laughing at something that you said. Why? Because you are brilliant, funny, attractive (inside and out).

Repeat the following mantras as many times a day as you can Believe in the dream of having love in your life. You deserve it. Who doesn’t. (Om Kaam-de-vaa-ya) (Vid-ma-he) (Push-pah-ann-aa-ya) (D-him-e-hi) (Tan-non-an-gaa) (Pracch-o-day-aat)

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