Evidently, innovation is the key to success in any business. The innovative ideas are like seeds of success, which need to be implemented successfully and having a strategic plan is essential to implement those ideas successfully. Innovative leaders are built upon the seeds of those innovative ideas by implementing them to contribute to a meaningful purpose. They like to pursue challenging tasks, and they grab the opportunities diligently and make them count.

One of the Success Stories of Female Entrepreneurs is Manju Mastakar such innovative leader, who believes that innovation means improvement. Having worked with highly reputed international and Indian firms with the likes of HSBC, MF Global and Motilal Oswal, has given her the confidence to venture out on her own to establish Armstrong Capital. She is the Founder and Managing Director at Armstrong Capital & Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Manju’s ability to lead a small yet highly effective advisory team with the highest efficiency has made Armstrong grow into a significant player in the market in a very short time. Armstrong looks forward each day to innovate in the three areas of innovation namely, product innovation, sales innovation and process innovation.

Investing Into Business Process to Increase Efficiency

Investing and ploughing back profits into business is very necessary but at which stage of business where to invest is the puzzle. Just to throw some light with Manju’s experience she divides the Business Journey into 3 stages –

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