We all by looking upon Almighty God as all pervasive and full of justice shall imbibe discipline in our lives as per his desire-these were the first sentences of that official Sankalpa or resolve and manifesto which can be called the preliminary proclamation of Yug Nirman Mission. For the first time revered Gurudeva while writing this resolve in Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1962) had asked all of us to read this by congregating regularly early in the morning and on auspicious occasions. While talking to all volunteers, all branches and members who were running the Jnana Temples in the September 1962 volume he writes that this is that seed of thought on the basis of which the possibilities of Era Creation shall be defined.

Only a thinker of revolutionary stature can talk of Era Transformation. Only he can think on the lines that this society rotting in vain beliefs can transform only when each world individual transforms himself/herself truly. Everyone talks of changing external situations by changing our mental outlook, via the power to think by awakening great stature Sankalpas or resolves in our psyche, if a person transforms himself the entire society shall definitely change positively. This can be thought of only by a philosopher and a deep thinker of Psychology Sciences. A seemingly impossible task like Era Transformation can only be given a socially active form when its one unit that is society and a unit of it that is the family along with the inner individual gets sanctified in an all round manner. When man transforms that era too transforms. As soon as transformation is noted in our viewpoint the atmosphere too changes. ‘When each individual of the world is neo created, Era Neo Creation shall definitely be witnessed’-this can be uttered only by a person of Avatar stature who can see the future and the process of transformation of the present which is woven along with the subtle invisible world.

Anyone can say that Era Creation, Era Transformation are big sized words, that they are flowery to talk about and how is all this possible when we are engulfed by disparity, separateness and deluded beliefs from all sides? Isn’t it a mere Utopia for a person to talk not about just changing society but to transform an entire era? Yet at the root of all this that truthful daring, fiery will power and desire power should be made note of which is of the stature of the resolve of the divine creator (Ekoham bahusyama) and in the form of ‘Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge’ which in turn is a promise given to world humanity by Almighty God. This is the powerful resolve of a great person and its result is that within the group full of disparity that talk of transformation within it and the fact that all great world thinkers are putting forth their observations regarding it has in its root individual neo creation.

Revered Gurudeva writes that: That Avatar required for Era Transformation shall initially incarnate as a divine desire. The subtle form of this Avatar is the resolve of Yug Nirman. This quote is that of a sacred hearted great person who for his entire life heated himself in the fire of austerities akin to burning gold ore so as to become 24 carat gold. It is his thoughts today that are designing all transformations in the subtle world. It certainly shall not be considered an overstatement if it is said that in the form of a true resolve of the taintless Prajna Avatar himself that this proclamation manifested and can ever the resolve of God go unheeded?

In this true resolve Gurudeva gave 1st spot to theism which not only aids humans to walk a wholesome path but that it induces them to observe divine discipline. Theism that does not render a person an escapist but makes him a Karma Yogi and one imbued with a sense of performing righteous duties. True surrender to God is always of an active one. By teaching us this precept he says that whenever theism fructifies in our life he/she will give utmost importance to performing righteous duties. Our duty to our body means looking upon it as God’s temple and via self control and regularity, render it healthy, disease free and strong. It is as important to render our minds clean, taintless and sinless as we keep our body healthy. If mental health is good our life force too shall be potent and thus mental distortions and vile feelings shall no longer harass us and all worries, diseases shall run far away from us. Mental reflection, self study and association with great saints is that medicine which by obstructing our minds from straying afar gives it a suitable direction and always inspires us with soul creation and soul progress. Imbibing all 4 forms of self control too takes us in that direction. This is the 1st lesson of the true resolve and in reality is its core deep import. If someone imbibes even this much in life not only will he/she transform but shall transform others too.

Further he writes that as long as the attitude of collectiveness (congregations) does not evolve, each one instead of one’s own benefit does not seek others’ benefit, till then all around us will rein narrow minded selfishness. The root Mantra of spiritual communism is this regarding which revered Gurudeva writes: In everyone else’s welfare lies our own welfare. This then is the foundation of unity, equality and social justice. We must think not of ‘I’ but of everybody and undesirable disparity as far as Varna and gender is concerned must end totally. Today when everywhere royal kingdoms and colonialism has been razed to the ground and that a lot of opposition is there towards Varna differences, we can easily realize how contemporarily apt were these utterances of his.

Further in this true resolve regarding imbibing a few qualities in life so as to inspire us all to reform our souls he says by making us take a vow: True wealth is that which render an animal man into a divine man. If such enumerated qualities are imbibed fully in life man shall definitely become a superman. True spirituality can be found only in spiritual practice, self study, self control and selfless service to the world.

In reality every alphabet of this true resolve is a seed of revolution. If even one of these is imbibed in daily living, not only will that person attain soul progress himself/herself but that the doors of material progress will be thrown wide open. Not only do such individuals themselves transform but those around them too transform desirably.

Revered Gurudeva born as a symbol of Prajna Avatar as an epilogue to Buddha Avatar writes further: In comparison to success attained via unethical means failure faced on the path of ethics is worth lauding. In front of lineages if discrimination rests awakened the waves of blind following the blind like hordes of sheep shall end. It is only when true discrimination or Viveka is ignored that vile activities, tainted traditions and deluded beliefs rule the roost. As soon as the eye of discrimination opens these taints gets destroyed. Today in society world humans by walking on the ‘short cut’ path of in-ethics/crime they out of lack of farsightedness do attain ‘success’ with glee but alas it is so short lived that repent at leisure. If only we understand the permanent importance of ethics man shall think it glorious to walk the path of ethics and live a life of integrity. The test of gauging a person is his/her wholesome thinking and great actions.

‘Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet’-this has been no doubt ready by many yet only if they had deeply imbibed it in daily living they would be honored everywhere. If we desire that others behave properly with us we too must behave well with them. In this one sentence all aphorisms like those of public contact, management skills, making others our very own, Sanjivani Science (rendering the dead alive) and all skills pertaining to living life are embedded that I shall not behave in a manner with others which I myself find disgusting.

The next aphorism is-‘Men and women will behave with each other sacredly’. It is a tainted vision that aids proliferation of sexual lust and gives birth to injustice in our minds. While giving us the chief basis of world peace Gurudeva says that half the world population is of female gender. If we start looking at them sacredly and respectfully our acts of oppression and atrocities against them shall come to a grinding halt and both men and women cooperating with each other shall create a great and healthy world society. No doubt we can live married lives but by looking upon siring children only as a righteous duty we must abstain from dirty lewd lustful living. We must look upon women as revered mothers instead of labeling them as sex symbols and only then individual and family neo creation is possible.

By giving importance to world welfare rather than selfish gains, for proliferating great activities the world over, by inspiring us to donate one portion of our time, talent, earnings, knowledge and effort for the same revered Gurudeva says that this is true religion and Era Religion. A Brahmin is one who earns with 100 hands and donates with 1000 hands. He inspires all of us to amass such true Brahminhood in our inner personality.

Ultimately Gurudeva writes that man is the author of his fate, it is he who designs his future. Since man is the boss of this extraordinary capacity there should be no hesitation in proclaiming that if man becomes truly great and makes effort to render others great too then definitely this entire era shall transform. As per the spirituality based psychological precept ‘Tanme manaha shivasankalpamastu’ this resolve is so great and auspicious that the era shall definitely transform; this is because I will not be that as I am today. In comparison to today I shall make myself greater and supreme and akin to iron turning to gold when touched by Paras (touchstone) I shall render others great too. If this were to happen the era shall definitely transform; because then there shall be an overpowering majority of great people, human jewels who give utmost importance to goodwill towards all and divine men oozing with sacred sensitivity in world society. Efforts predominate and not destiny. This belief is firmly embedded in that proclamation that ‘Man is the author of his fate’. Such people via great efforts render their destiny stupendous, spread fragrance of their greatness all around akin to sandalwood trees, are called era transformers and by becoming the captain of a ship themselves steer many others to shores of safety. When such people rein in society why shall the era not transform? It shall most definitely transform.

This manifesto written by a Yuga Purusha (Shriram Sharma Acharya) is a document by itself and a pillar of glory in the long journey of Era Neo Creation. Later in march 1989 this was given a well developed and well researched form. In them the main points were the same which we have discussed above. Some aspects were added to it because based on contemporary times they were of utility value. In it stress was laid on congregating gentlemanly people and in a new way emphasis was laid on national unity, equality and indivisibility. Finally while expressing his total profound faith in this resolve he writes that ‘If we change this era will change and if we reform this era shall reform’.

When Lord Mahakal is proclaiming thus, why should we all, a portion of his cosmic soul not pay heed to it? The sacred commencement of Era Transformation has already occurred and New Era definitely is in the offing.

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