Have you ever wondered if you should tell people what you're going to manifest next? After all, the common advice from many goal setting teachers is to tell a whole bunch of people so that they can 'keep you accountable'.

Whilst this is a nice theory, read on and learn what a self-esteem experiment, psychic influence tactics from the big casinos, curses and Napoleon Hill have to do with the power of secrecy. This article will dive into exactly what you must be doing to ensure your manifestations do not get sabotaged by other people's doubts and negativity.

I once listened to Mark Victor Hansen, author of the wildly successful Chicken Soup series, discussing a fascinating self-esteem experiment he used to do in seminars. He'd have people score their self-esteem out of ten and he'd write it up on a flip chart. He'd then ask the audience what level of self-esteem in other people they felt comfortable being around and scored that.

Virtually everyone in the experiment strongly preferred hanging around with people with equal or lower self-esteem than themselves! And that was from a group of upwardly mobile, personal development enthusiasts!

This reminded me of the truism that people tend to earn the average income of the ten people they associate with the most. (try that one for yourself!) Surrounding yourself with success oriented people lifts you up by association, in the same way that playing tennis with someone better than you makes you a better player over time.

Napoleon Hill refers to this concept as a MasterMind - using the combined energy of a tightly knit group to enhance the capabilities of the whole. I love this concept, however most people simply don't know enough or have enough experience to help, and are more likely to 'curse' your project, usually unconsciously by their negative expectations!

Casinos deliberately employ people like this, sometimes called 'coolers', to hang around beside people on 'lucky' streaks. It's not so much luck as intention, expectation and energy bending the odds to a degree in your favour (sound a bit like manifesting?). They know that the presence of depressed, energy sucking people can drain the luck right out of you! So how do you stop other people from affecting you this way?

When it comes to manifesting your desired outcomes, there's two ways to use this to your advantage right now.

The first way is to use the negative pressure of others to help you 'give up' things that you don't want and that may interfere in the accomplishment of a higher goal, for example giving up smoking, nail biting, or eating too many cakes is going to help you towards your health goals... but you don't tell anyone that you're really working on living for 150 years!

The second way I discovered completely by accident through an unpleasant experience.

I made the mistake of telling a couple of people about a manifestation project I was working on. As soon as I'd told them I could feel the energy drain right out of the idea, like a deflating balloon! It took me weeks to re-invigorate things thanks to entangling my intention with the doubts and negative expectations of others.

The message here is to keep your intentions to yourself and use the positive pressure of having a juicy secret charge up your thoughts!

So there you have it, I encourage you to test the selective use of secrecy out for yourself, I think you'll be surprised at the effect! There's much more to manifesting than most folks realise and if you want consistent mind blowing results it's always beneficial to test things for yourself.

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