Learning how to manifest your desires with segment intending is one of the most powerful manifestation tools available to you in your mastery of law of attraction. Perhaps you already know about and you already practice segment intending, but if you don't this is such a powerful technique that will benefit you ... starting right now.

From each moment to moment throughout your day, you are living in segments. For example, whenever you enter a room or have a new conversation with someone you are in a new segment.

Are you in control of each segment throughout your day? You can start using this technique right away to ensure you gain control of each segment for yourself.

Here is an example.

When you are ready to go to work before you get into your vehicle, write down in your notebook what you want in the next segment. "I am arriving safely to my office in a timely fashion and find a
parking spot closest to the entrance of my building."

Then when you arrive you can write down what you want to happen next. "I am enjoying a productive day in my office feeling fulfilled and satisfied with my work."

You can also practice segment intending for when you have to have a conversation with someone and you know it may be tense. "I am very pleased with the outcome of my conversation today with my boss and
grateful for the courage and honesty that flows through me."

As you can see, this is a pretty simple technique to help you start prepaving the outcomes you want and begin designing your life. Remember to NOT give away your power and to have an outline set up in advance.

You can do this in preparation for the Christmas dinner with the relative that you normally do not get along with. Let's say that your Aunt will be at the dinner and every year you hear from her what she thinks about this or that. So you can prepare in advance days ahead of this dinner! "I am happy that my aunt and I are
enjoying our dinner meal and the conversation is light and joyous!"

By writing it down in advance if you know what is to come you are prepaving a much better outcome for yourself. At first you may not notice any difference because you may have some old drama still to play out. Just stick with it.

The first step is to start this process of writing it down. Then later on, perhaps after 4 or 5 days, or even 30 days, you can then verbalize it to yourself being consistent in prepaving the next segment, and the next segment after that, of your life.

You will very quickly see the changes in yourself and in your results when you begin to do this consistently throughout your day. You will have begun putting the law of attraction to use in a powerful way.

Get yourself a small little notebook and pen and keep it in your pocket or purse and before you do the next thing just stop for a moment and jot down what it is you do want to manifest next. Remember though to write it down BEFORE you enter the segment, not while in the process of it already playing out.

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