Metaphysical studies are a fantastic way to enhance your deliberate life creation experience. A little openness will go a long way, and you don't need to join a monastery or sit in the wilderness for a week fasting.

For instance the simple practice of meditation can help you develop a calm, still mind and provide you with access to greater focus and emotional control. People who meditate for a few minutes each day have a much easier time getting tangible results with the law of attraction.

The study of Yoga, Reiki, and the major chakra points can bring you to greater understanding of your own energy field and subtle force. With the literal practice of moving energy comes great empowerment and a clear conceptualization of the manifestation process.

Please note...

I am not telling anyone they must engage in practices that frighten or confuse them. You absolutely can become a co-creator of your life and enjoy great abundance without delving into any esoteric practice.

At the same time I urge people to understand that there is nothing spooky, magical, or other worldly about the studies of meditation and energy channeling. All such things are en extension of our natural biology, and the more we know about ourselves the closer we are to mastering our lives.

At the very least I recommend learning basic meditation and practicing for a few minutes each morning. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much more vibrant and alert you become after just a week or two.

Disciplines like Tai Chi and Aikido that teach you how to feel, harness, and direct energy with your hands and body are also superb. These exercises can be applied directly to your visualizations and affirmations; imagine actually feeling and moving energy as you visualize the things you desire!

Ideally you should find one or two areas of study that appeal to you. Look for something that resonates with you and you'll catch on more quickly; and as you practice you will be internalizing a new process that can be used for the rest of your life to bring new goodness and power into your reality.

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