Manic depression symptoms, now better known as bipolar disorder symptoms, refers to signs a person has because of this illness. Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder that affects one's mood.

Basically it results in mood swings but they are no ordinary ones that most of us would face as part of the ups and downs of everyday life. Such mood swings can cause one to experience different degrees of mood states ranging from extreme highs to extreme lows. They are not character flaws but are the result of biological changes in the brain.

Estimated to affect approximately 1% of the adult population, this disorder comes in second after depression as one of the most common disorders. Both men and women are equally susceptible to this illness. In serious cases, sufferers may even resort to committing suicide to reduce their sufferings.

Treatment For Manic Depression
It is possible to get good relief through natural forms of treatment, and this can be looked into as possible help for the individual, but for permanent relief, it is best to consult a cognitive behavior therapist who has the experience in dealing with manic depression and all problems related to the mind. He will be able to diagnose your condition and go deeply into your past and present behavior and find the necessary link to your actions and behavior.

True that traditional medicine does not offer a cure for manic depression, because they do not know of one. There are different nutrients that can be added to the diet that have been shown to have a positive impact on people that are suffering with manic depression. Some of those nutrients include coconut butter, fish oils, cod liver oil and alkaline foods. These foods have been shown to help decrease the number of mood swings and improved overall mood. This can be a godsend not only to the person with bipolar disorder but those that love them.

Naturally if there are foods that can help you feel better, then there are foods that you should avoid because they can aggravate your manic depression. Do your best to avoid any artificial ingredients, opt for organic natural foods whenever possible. Skip foods with refined sugars such as ice cream, soda pop and other tempting desserts. Junk food and alcohol are also known triggers as are bad fats such as transfats found in fried foods.

Meditation treatment for manic depression: Studies have indicated that during meditation, the body achieves a condition of profound rest. Together, the brain and mind happen to become more alert, thus demonstrating a condition of peaceful alertness. In recent times, meditation treatment has developed into an increasingly important tool for finding a tranquil oasis of leisure and stress relief in cases of manic depression.

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