Picnics and barbecues are some of the most common social occasions during the summer, but they may seem complicated if you're also managing diabetes. They're at awkward times, the food isn't necessarily diabetes-friendly, and you're away from home if you have an attack of hypoglycemia. What do you do to enjoy the summer without paying for it later?

First, realize that diabetes can actually be a great activity for you. Pick up the frisbee or take a walk - there are opportunities for being physically active that will lower your blood sugar, even if you're consuming a few more calories than you would at home. As long as your picnic isn't all lounging on the grass, you can afford to splurge a little bit.

Make sure that you stay hydrated with low-calorie drinks or water. It can be tempting to drink the lemonade (or the stronger stuff) that pops up at picnics, but alcohol and caffeine won't hydrate you and can throw off your blood glucose. Try to avoid them or just drink just a little.

Try bringing appetizers like hummus, carrot sticks or bean dip. Low-calorie appetizers mean that you don't have to wait until the main meal to eat if you want to keep your glucose levels healthy.

Picnics don't always conform to blood-sugar eating schedules. Bring a snack to avoid hypoglycemia and then eat the meal with everyone else.

If you're worried about getting too many carbs, try having a lettuce wrap instead of having a sandwich. Create exciting salads with meat or fruit in them (or both!) and skip the sandwich option altogether.

Try making sugar-free desserts that everyone will still love. With Splenda and other great alternatives to straight sugar out there, you can certainly find alternatives. Just don't tell your friends how healthy they are.

There's no reason for you not to enjoy the summer and the great foods and activities that come with it. Take a little more time to plan and you can enjoy the day as much as anyone else does.

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