It is true that business managers are extremely busy. Even on the first day of the week, they can be left feeling overworked and overwhelmed. As a manager, you should be constantly seeking ways to simplify the management of your office, yet continue to remain in-the-know. Then you will not feel that you must spend your day micro-managing every detail of the office so you can stop worrying about whether the office will run or not.

For example, realize that if you are spending too much of your time chasing down late employees, or tracking employee breaks, consider investing in an employee time clock. This way, you have hard data to refer to and you are not taking time out of your schedule to ensure it is collected. Constantly look for other ways to free up your time.

Begin with some "spring-cleaning" at the office. Consider the time at your office fitting into the three categories of thoughts, conversations and actions which are the areas of which your work is made up. You will never completely do away with interruptions throughout your workday, so you will need to make a conscious decision as to how much time you give yourself to spend on each type of interruption. Consider each category and how it contributes to your overall success and then budget your time accordingly.

Next, attempt to ensure your average day is more productive. Utilize subsequent tips to take control of your own time. Monitor all of your thoughts, conversations and actions by carrying around a schedule for one week at a time. Focus on the time that is directly spent on attaining results and reduce the time being wasted on tasks which are nonproductive to the business. Evaluate your time and monitor your results. Make time in your schedule for any conversation or activity that affects your success.

Appointment books work much better than "To-Do" lists. Permit regular time for high-priority actions, thoughts and conversations by scheduling them in. You should even schedule time with yourself.

Plan time to deal with any interruptions. Accept the fact there is just no way to avoid interruptions. Learn to deal with them and be strict with the time you allow. Try to spend thirty minutes at the start of the day to plan the rest of the day.

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