There are some things that helps to know about lower back pain so that you can better understand it and how to deal with it. One of the best things you can do when suffering from low back pain is to consult with a physio Subiaco as soon as possible.

Ten facts for managing lower back pain

  1. Lower back pain is rarely from a life-threatening condition - It is only about 1% of lower back pain cases that are diagnosed as being something very serious or life-threatening.  
  2. Age does not increase the odds of lower back pain episodes - As we learn about how our bodies work as we age, we now know better that lower back pain is not something that automatically comes with age.  
  3. Scans can only tell you so much - There are some useful things that can be learned from X-rays, MRIs and other scans but they do not tell you everything. The prognosis, how likely future episodes and all contributing factors to your low back pain are not something these scans can reveal.   
  4. It is safe to move - You do not have to lie bedridden with lower back pain, it is safe to move and in fact, as your physio West Perth will tell you some controlled movement and light exercise is safe and good for you.
  5. Lower back pain is not from poor posture – A single posture when you sit or stand does not lead to lower back pain.
  6. Coping with pain from the lower back can impact recovery - Rather than tissue damage being the main reason for long-term problems it tends to rather be because people avoid activity, are fearful of movement and have difficulty coping with the pain.   
  7. Flare-ups are rarely due to structural back damage - Stress, changes in activity and mood are more likely to cause painful flare-ups.  
  8. Bending and loading is safe when done gradually - A physio Subiaco can help with building resilience and gradual load to better recover.  
  9. Having a weak core does not cause lower back problems - While doing core exercises can help, the strength of your core does not directly impact on whether you are more likely to suffer from future lower back problems.  

Lower back care is fairly easy - The key things to do with lower back pain care is to stay positive about your recovery, find ways to stay healthy mentally as well as physically, maintain a healthy body weight, sleep well and manage your pain. A physio West Perth can help you with this.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis