Ear infections in babies and children is a common problem. When they cannot tell you where the pain is they be fussy, crying in pain and pulling at the ear that hurts. You take them to the doctor who likely prescribes antibiotics for the ear infection and within a few days your child is better and this time it is over. But the problem is it happens a lot and constant courses of antibiotics are not a good thing. Whether you are looking for alternative options for those ear infections, or even colic treatments in Wall, one of the safest and most effective alternative treatment options you have are chiropractors.

Why consider chiropractic care for your child's ear infection?

The fact is chiropractic care is effective for a large percentage of infants and it is completely safe even for younger babies. The pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County has learned techniques specific for babies that are gentle, and still effective. It is not the same pressure as used with adults. The manipulations are not going to hurt, and they can help with a variety of childhood illnesses. When there are issues with your child repeatedly being on antibiotics why not try something safe and effective that is another treatment option?

What does it involve?

The adjustments work on the muscles in the neck where the control for the Eustachian tubes leading to the ears is. When those tubes drain properly there are no ear infections, when they are not able to fully drain, something common in children, ear infections happen. Regular visits to a chiropractor can keep those tubes draining without the need for surgery or drugs.

Is there a risk?

Being on antibiotics has more risk of side effects that treatment with a pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County. Antibiotics are hard on the stomach and there can be digestion problems, children might also get rashes, experience thrush and so on. There are no side effects to chiropractic care and as said it is safe.

Why not just keep getting antibiotics?

So if the antibiotics work why not just keep taking them? Well, there are a few things that are a concern if your child is using antibiotics a lot. First of all, almost all ear infections are actually viral not bacterial. When they start getting better, a lot of those kids would have recovered without those antibiotics, as antibiotics do not affect viral infections. Secondly, there is the modern concern of people overusing antibiotics and they become less effective. More and more bacteria are being discovered that are resistant to a lot of the commonly used antibiotics. Thirdly a lot of people do not even finish the course of antibiotics, when the baby is getting better they stop. Finish the treatments even when they are feeling better. This adds to the resistance problem.


It seems then that finding alternative treatments for things like ear infections and colic treatments in Wall makes a lot of sense. There is no risk to trying it, it can be used alongside other treatments, so why not give it a try? The next time your child is crying with ear pain or colic, find a pediatric chiropractor to take them to. You will not regret it, and your child will be very happy too.

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