Press coverage about the recent economic downturn has declined considerably. What is often left out of news cycles is that the situation remains dim for many Americans still in financial struggles. Many individuals find themselves in financial strain and are burdened in debt beyond their means.

The causes for excessive debt are plentiful. Unemployment has taken it's toll on many and has forced people to live off their credit cards. Even for those fortunate enough to find new work - the debt accrued is simply beyond their means.

Other situations are different. Many Americans signed onto mortgages that were once affordable - and are victims to skyrocketing payments due to spikes in their adjustable interest rates.

At least there is some sort of hope for cases like these, people who are in financial distress, asserts debt management director Steven Hall. "People who choose to come on board with available programs, with patience, can manage their debt. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but with budgeting, there are workable plans out there."

Regardless of the reason they entered debt - there is one reason they need to get out; to take back hold of their financial lives.

"Of course, it is about finding the best fit. Simply put, enough people understand that action is merely step number one. It is critical - yes - but finding a real program that is realistic and sticking to it is when a person in debt can really make it count" continues Hall.

Although professionals such as Hall will not be able to assist every debt straddled individual, his efforts are far reaching. He assets that many programs he has worked with are successful - and that with discipline are within grasp of most people.

Author's Bio: assists debt straddled individuals in locating programs in which they can sustainably manage their debt.