Covid-19 has forced universities/ colleges across India, and the world certainly, to interrupt physical classrooms and shift to online classes. In India, while this change has been smooth for most private colleges, the public ones are still adjusting. There have also been discussions on the nature of classes, and the future of examination and evaluation — whether they could be carried online or not.
While faculty engages with new ways of managing this sudden change to online education, students are left sticking on to their mobile phones and computer screens. If the lockdowns were to continue for some time, how would higher education be affected? What are some of the broader issues that require self-examination? And what does this mean for the students going forward?

Online education is conducted in two ways

The first is through the use of recorded classes, which, when opened out to the public, are referred to as Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs). The second one is via live online classes conducted as webinars or zoom sessions. Colleges require high-speed internet and education delivery platforms or learning management systems, besides stable IT infrastructure and faculty members who are comfortable teaching online. Students also need high-speed internet and computers/mobiles to attend these sessions or watch pre-recorded classes.

As we all know that due to COVID-19 the environment of education has changed extremely we no longer are certain about the future and hence we will have to learn to adjust to the changes COVID-19 has made everyone to socially distance from each other as a result physical contact has to be depreciated and health and hygiene a given the most prominent. In this time it is important that the best MBA colleges in Dehradun Uttarakhand learn to adjust to the changed conditions so that students do not suffer. Management colleges have started with the concept of online classes and many programs are available through which classes can be conducted not only the classes but internships have also gone online many webinars are being conducted both nationally and internationally at top MBA college in Uttarakhand. The topic of conversations rangers widely from health and hygiene to sources of generating income growing economy.

Best Management Colleges in Dehradun Uttarakhand

Adaptation is the key to success. In any kind of emergency upskilling, the students are the need of the hour so that they can cope with the changing circumstances. All the best MBA colleges in Dehradun Uttarakhand should provide students with opportunities where they can learn and nourish new ideas. It is the need of the hour that entrepreneurship skills are impressed in students. They have exhibited two latest case studies where startups actually succeeded in coming up with the latest Business models top management colleges should support students to learn from such promising entrepreneurs. The financial looks of the economy should be discussed and measures to be taken by corporates and the government to safeguard their industries and increase the money in the markets. It is the best time that the best students from top management colleges increase their skill understanding in subjects like business analytics digital marketing and other analytical subjects which help them in standing aside from the competition. Top management colleges in Dehradun should provide online internships so that their time is not wasted and they are able to gain some kind of industry exposure. Many organizations and corporates have moved to online versions of their business models and are inspiring their employees to work from home so that business does not suffer.
Top management colleges in Dehradun should assist students to participate in different webinars and undergo online courses which help them improve skills like learning advanced skills- Excel, Sap, PDP, SPSS digital marketing, and analytical skills many online courses and certifications are available on sites. There is a famous phrase in English where there is a will there is away. This crisis that we are currently both the students and the faculty have to come up with solutions to tackle the situations.

Online education for teachers


Allows innovative methods of teaching with the help of technology and online tools.
Allows reaching out to a large number of students across geographies.
Especially useful for distance learning.


Online teaching takes time and practice
There is little consent on how students can be assessed in a fair manner
Inability to have a face-to-face connect with students and facilitate free conversations, discussions, and mentoring
Inability to reach all students because of technological limitations

Online education for students


The ability to learn using different online tools and methods
No agitation in learning because of the pandemic
Listening to recorded and live conversations and working at their own speed


Lack of free-flowing conversations, debates, and discussions
Technological difficulties related to weak devices or access to the internet
Getting used to learning and being evaluated online
Studying while living at home, with family and other distractions

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