Management education these days is facing so many challenges shaped by the fast-paced changing operational environment. The globe and the working life are transforming at an ever more speeding pace. This impulse at which the management education providers are transforming is either slowly or intense. The requirement for more and improved management education has possibly never been greater, and now, more than ever, we need management experts who can bring together principled ways of operating into efficient ways for achieving outcomes.

Management Education has to operate in the global environment. The mobility of students and the faculty globally is increasing day by day. This leads to increase in the competition within the students and the faculty members. The working culture in organizations are multicultural and the structure is more international. One can find more of foreign students in universities and colleges leading to a need of balance between global and local aspirations.

Management education is running in the increasingly comprehensive environment. This forces education providers to search for ways to make use of new areas of educational demand, reinforce their position as reliable contributors and to prepare their students for the varying international situation and cultural transformations.

Technological development will always be challenging the coaching approaches and methods of imparting management education. This necessitates the providers of education to be enthusiastic and skilled enough to respond to this task by adapting to the online learning as a vital part of their educational curriculum. Particularly web-based management mock-ups are an effective way to progress systematic and critical intellectual skills of present and upcoming leaders.

The count and variety of institutes imparting management education continues to expand.

Concurrently the diversity of the student body is also increasing, and the study paths become more industry based. Colleges are tested to find and preserve their place in the management education providers and to explore ways to respond to the fluctuating needs.

The forthcoming managers and management specialists need a very wide range of skill sets, they should have the logical skills to understand and critically assess the complication of the environment, as well as demonstrate the qualities of a good leader along with they are required to have the interpersonal skills and people management skills. The challenge in hand for the management institutes is to create their programmes, learning modules and pedagogical models to address to these demands.

The Indian management education holds a great potential to strengthen its international ranking in the coming years, and if proper focus is paid to the distinct challenges associated with the modes of imparting, online and combined learning, the teaching language and internationalisation energies, especially in enrolments, the preparing of the curriculum, and the advertising of these programmes.

To summarize, college and universities will have to transform their education patterns by taking constant steps in the direction of more and more pioneering management education. The universities should aim to step up further by combining the rich traditions of knowledge base and innovation.

Meenakshi Malhotra
Assistant Professor,

Dr V N BRIMS, Thane.

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