This or That?!?

Right from childhood, we start streamlining our energies with the career we find most appropriate depending upon our interest and caliber. Choosing the right career path plays an integral role in any individual’s life. When we start working, quite often we find ourselves time-deprived.

Enhancing our competencies, skills, and knowledge becomes a tedious task without hampering our own work. An individual is expected to add more to his/her pool of knowledge to expect a promotion and move to senior roles. An employee focuses on proving his/her efficiency at the workplace by accomplishing the organizational objectives thereby resulting in an increase in the overall productivity and profitability of the organization.

With an increase in competition and the quest to prove yourself, we often find ourselves in a state of ambiguity. An evident upsurge in the number of options for study available to us, choosing the right one is indeed a tough task.

There are innumerable alternatives in the disciplines of Management that could opt from. Choosing the right alternative from a pool of choices is what makes a difference.

With this write up we aim at bringing more clarity for all the Management writing courses available to you in Australia.

If you are in a worrisome state as to what to go ahead within your career, to gain a competitive edge over others, you have landed at the right page. We provide you with an array of Management courses that you could choose from to climb the ladder of success.

Management is an Art

The different Management functions such as Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing and Controlling can potentially aim at providing Leadership whereas the different leadership activities lead to managing. There exists a profound difference between management and leadership and both play a vital role in an organization.

According to Mary Parker Follet “Management is defined as the art of getting things done through people.”

To get a job done by others one needs to take care of certain aspects and parameters to achieve the desired results. The right mix of motivation, ownership of tasks, encouragement, risk-taking capability, responsibility and teamwork is all that you need.

Defining the term Management in the simplest forms would be:

It is the manner in which a task is handled, and it comprises of the different supervising skills. For instance: Management could be about how an individual, deals with his/her personal finances.

Modes of Study

The different modes of study one could avail themselves with are Online and Blended. Both modes have their own advantages. Online courses offer an asynchronous mode of learning where an individual can learn at his/her own pace. On the other hand, for a blended mode of learning, as the name suggests is an amalgamation of both traditional place-based classroom and online interaction.

List of Management Courses

Diploma of Leadership and Management:
This course is offered by different universities viz. MCI Institute, Upskilled, Sarina Russo Institute. The course aims at the augmentation of managerial skills of an individual, enhancing the leadership skills, team-building capabilities, and innovation skills.

Diploma of Project Management

Graduate Diploma in Management:
This course can be studied via both online and blended modes. The course is offered by AIM Business School. The curriculum comprises of 8 units. These have been designed with the help and guidance of senior management. The course aims to give the students a fair amount of idea of all the comprehensive skills required to progress through a career.

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management:
This course aims at increasing the supervisory skills, ability to coordinate and lead well in a team.

Certificate IV in Small Business Management:
As the name suggests this course aims at the overall development of an employee. The course teaches all the essential aspects such as Marketing, Research, Finance which would help in the smooth functioning of a business.

Dual Certificate IV in Business Administration and Certificate IV in Leadership and Management:
This course can be studied via online mode, which is a combination of business administration along with leadership and management skills. This course helps you achieve the desired skill set in a timely and cost-efficient manner. As the course can be completed online self-paced format is an added advantage.

Focusing on Career Development

It is completely an individual’s choice as to what ahead with so that coping up with both work and study becomes easy. Making the right choice at the right time indeed plays a crucial role.

Change is the only constant. With the advancements that have been taking place, it becomes important to cope up with the day-to-day changes taking place.

Continuous development is one important aspect every employee should emphasise on. The learning curve of an individual is entirely dependent on the choices made. Thus, one needs to choose wisely with the most appropriate Management course to exhibit the desired career development.

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Allen Lisa, an author at EssayCorp, is a Ph.D. holder from the University of Sydney with years of experience in the academic field.