Dynamics is a popular CRM owing to its interactive interface, scalability, and ease of customization. However, it can be challenging to manage appointments, tasks, or activities in a separate calendar. Going back and forth between CRM and calendar may consume both - time and effort. It may lead to errors like forgetting account-related activities, re-assigning the tasks to different resources, etc.

Due to these errors and consumption of time, the productivity of the business may go down. However, with a solution like Dynamics 365 Service Calendar, you can avoid it.

Let's see how you can manage all your business activities and tasks with a Dynamics 365 calendar plugin.

Segregate Assigned Activities
If you have multiple users, it may be difficult to view activities on an individual level. Sometimes, you may mistake the task owner with another member, leading to further issues.

To avoid that, Dynamics 365 calendar provides activity management. You can use it and segregate your activities. It allows you to create and manage activities, tasks related to accounts, contacts, teams effortlessly. You can add notes, different colors for segregation, and marking individual activity. It will help you save time in viewing and managing activities.

Declutter the View
Instead of viewing activities of all the departments together, filter activities of your department. When you have the data you require, you won't have to check the entire CRM every time. It will not only save your time but also enhance your productivity. With data in hand, you can finish your tasks on time and even manage them effectively.

This is possible with Dynamics' activity filtration feature. It enables you to filter data according to statuses, priorities, contacts, and others.

Set Working Hours
Having to add a manual start-time and end-time log entry is tedious also, time-consuming. So, to get rid of it, you can configure a time slot for a week, month, or N number of days. It will save you from entering the logs manually every day after login. Also, set the events separately for each day so that you don't have to adjust them daily.

Resource scheduling features can help you accomplish this task. You can update your availability, break, and leave time with Dynamics 365 service calendar.

Change/Replace the Resources in Real-Time
At times, it happens that the resource you assign a task to is busy with another one. In such cases, you should enable the resource to update or transfer the task to another spare resource. As an admin, it will free you from resource and task management.

Dynamics allows you to reschedule the tasks and activities with simple drag and drop functionality. Along with tasks assignment, you can even create custom individual calendars according to their tasks. You can share it with the assigned customers.

Share Calendar View
If you want to know your team's plan or want them to know yours, share your calendar with your team members. This way, your resources will have complete visibility of the activities. To enhance productivity and help the team manage their tasks, you can ask your team members to share a calendar.

You can get clear of everyone's working hours, break, ongoing tasks, and more.

Enable Notifications
To avoid missing meetings, tasks, and other activities on the schedule, turn on your notifications. Get real-time activity reminders on screen and in email, according to your preferences.

Final Words
A Dynamics Calendar plugin can streamline all your activity management. It will eliminate the two-and-fro between solutions. The best thing, every activity or change you make in the calendar will be updated in the CRM.

The team will know about their TGIF meetings directly from the CRM. No one forgets TGIF meetings; that's a different story.


Author's Bio: 

Maulik Shah is the founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing app and extension store for various technologies like Dynamics 365 calendar . He writes about multiple aspects of ecommerce technology and is enthusiastic about making online business management easy