If you are like me, you may be tired of spending an hour here, a few minutes there, on various social networking sites. Tossing information left and right via copy-paste to generate the most detailed results in traffic flow, user views, and any other element important to your product, services, or even just your web site page ranking. You can continue to waste your valuable time if you have grown used to your tools, perhaps even complacent and satisfied with albeit possibly outdated systems. You can also switch over to a great new tool I’ve found called Netvani.

Another Social Media Marketing Tool or the Last Social Media Marketing Tool?

The answer to that question depends solely on whether or not you play an active role in your own social media marketing campaign.

If you outsource those tasks, than learning more about Netvani may actually help to reduce time, which means reduced cost in outsourcing fees.

If you handle your own social media campaigns, utilizing Netvani will in fact, take all of those Favorited URL’s you have saved up there in your tool bar, and render them useless. In fact, once you save Netvani, do yourself, and organization a favor, and delete them.

Why So Confident?

I am not a ‘I told you so’ type of person, but believe me when I say, if you don’t inspect what Netvani has to offer, you will remember that I told you so, at some point in the near future. I am an editor and writer for a large and popular east coast Marketing firm. I download, register, inspect, and review social media tools on a daily basis.

On average I’d say that I go through around 10 programs, websites, tools or other interactive measures per week. While I often still find tools that make me go ‘Hmmm’, more often I find another clone of a tool that made me go ‘Hmm’, which in turn, turns that original Hmm, to a Hrmph!

Netvani turned my normally questionable Hmm, into a huh?? this week. It isn’t your average tool. If we must refer to it as a tool at all, think ‘the Swiss Army Knife’ of social media tools, or the ‘Leatherman’ of a social media marketers tool box.

Monitor Your Competition with Netvani

Knowing what your customers or possible consumers are chattering about on Facebook or Twitter are two very vital aspects of staying ahead of the marketing curve. Users can set up their own, or their competitors products as keywords to monitor every notion shared in relation to them. This type of demand meeting supply marketing is proven to increase the bottom line of any company participating in social media marketing.

Manage Social Media Accounts

Look, I have some favored tools too. But common sense will tell anyone who markets one single thing on the internet that it is a constantly changing world. On the World Wide Web, the refusal to conform to newer ways, products, and technological capabilities is a sure-fire way to fall behind the times, and into the cracks rather quickly.

Using the Facebook and Twitter integration features on Netvani allows users to create Projects. These Projects allow the user to then monitor every mention in a streaming GUI display. The keywords or phrases selected when mentioned on either of those social networks are easily browsed through, viewed, retweeted, replied to, or even stored for later review.

This only begins to touch on Netvani’s capabilities so as I stated above. Head to the Netvani site while they still have some beta slots open and get set up to take advantages of the last social networking tool you will ever need to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts with.

Author's Bio: 

Full-Time Freelance Writer and Editor for Puglisi Consulting Group, Joy Lynskey specializes in Technology, SEM, SMM, and other elements of Internet Marketing.