In addition to poorly cooked food, there can be something worse than biting the food only to discover that there is too much salt or almost no salt. Since we all have different tastes, it is difficult to know how much to add to food for other people, so an ideal way to let them choose for themselves is to put a salt shaker on the table with the food. The first salt holders were produced in 1858 and were designed by the man who patented the Mason Jar. The main reason a jar was needed was to protect the salt from moisture and prevent it from solidifying,

The originals had no holes at the top, but the salt was kept in a fully sealed jar. The stirrer is the follower of the salt mill. It had been accepted that the salt would form lumps, so the grinder simply ground it and the pieces fell onto the food. As the salt was finer ground, it made sense to start using a stirrer. It will depend on the circumstances and the location exactly what type of shaker to get. They range from cheap and cheerful plastics to glass, porcelain and porcelain, and the most expensive of all.

What is acceptable in a small coffee or a greasy spoon will not go well with diners in more expensive restaurants. They were also used in most private homes, but as many trends and fashions change, they have not been as popular since the end of World War II. In most establishments, they will appear alongside a pot of pepper and in more exclusive locations as part of a condiment set that will also include mustard and vinegar. Not all styles of salt shakers will make it obvious that they contain salt.

If they are glass, you will be able to see the white matter inside, but if it is not possible to see what is inside, there is a way to know which is which. The salt shaker will only have one hole at the top, while the pepper part will hold up to 8. This has been said to be an attempt to limit salt intake for health reasons, but there may be other reasons when the items were manufactured. for the first time. Since there are so many different types, picking them up now is an acceptable hobby. Choosing a setting for a couple of £ s is easy, but there are a few that can be found with much more.

Over the years, the style of the cocktail shaker has changed. While they would all be roughly the same size and shape, it is now possible to fit them into just about anything you can think of. Instead of being a slightly oval glass box with a flat bottom and a screw top, they can be designed to look like animal cars, cartoon characters from famous people. Not only the classics are collected now, but also the novelties. It is still possible to buy a salt shaker, although it is an item that does not appear on many wedding gift lists.

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Manage your salt intake with a salt shaker