Do you ever feel like life is getting you nowhere – that there must be something else – if only? Perhaps you remember waking, wishing something was different, going to sleep, silently wanting something to change. Not much does change until you take hold and manage your mindset. Your state of mind as you awaken typically determines your dominant thoughts for the day, whether or not you realize that you’re even having any thoughts. Similarly, whatever nags at you into the night, (or whatever your bedtime) as you fall asleep, will be with you when you wake up - until you pay attention to your own mind power, and shift your thinking in a way that work for what you really want.

Believe it or not, you have used a form of self hypnosis to create a loop of disempowering thoughts – and you can start self hypnosis today to get those thoughts pointing in a positive direction. By the way, telling yourself or someone else to “think positive” doesn’t work because people need to remember positive experiences that are unique to them, to connect them to feeling good.

You can start now, by remembering one time that you were feeling good. The time can be last week, last year or some other time in your past. Perhaps you can notice what you are doing, who you are with, any colours that stand out for you, and sometimes there are sounds too – people, animals, nature, buildings, anything that helps you remember feeling good. Allow yourself to remember the experience, as if it’s happening right now. What would it be like for you to remember feeling good, when you are going to sleep, taking the feeling with you into your waking hours? If you go to sleep and wake with positive feelings, the chances are you’ll probably notice a difference in your thoughts during the time between - your waking hours. When you manage your mindset for more empowering thoughts, your state of mind changes, so you can focus on what it is you want, shifting you into clear thinking, planning and action. Repeat remembering feeling good daily, several times a day, until it becomes a new habit – hypnotise yourself into feeling good.

Some people change their mind power for the better by quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising and by making other lifestyle adjustments that promote physical and emotional wellbeing.. In the movie “The Secret” someone said, “Whatever you think about you bring about”. It really is no secret that what we get in life is the result of whatever we think about most - whether we want it or not. If you keep thinking life is getting you nowhere – guess where you’ll end up? Even when situations seem out of our control, there are opportunities for growth and change. How we manage and solve problems in most cases determines our destiny.

Give yourself a gentle, persistent nudge in the noggin to keep those thoughts thinking good things for empowering experiences. Take stock of what’s in your head – when waking up and when going to bed.

Author's Bio: 

Anita Alleyne M.A. is a Lifestyle Strategist with practices in England and the United States. Her solutions include more than 20 years experience in hypnosis and NLP for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, Quitting Smoking, Anxiety, Alcohol, Grief Support, PTSD, Phobias, Relationships, Career Change, Public Speaking, Test Taking, Interviewing, Negotiation, Weight, Stress, Work and Peak Performance.

Anita began her practice in California, where brain injured clients received the benefits of her hypnosis and NLP. Her empathy is rooted in her own past challenges, including weight management and quitting smoking. Anita's solutions have impacted thousands of people on both sides of the globe in a variety of settings, to make lasting change. Her approach is down to earth compassionate and at times humorous - having practiced laughter yoga too. Anita coaches Self Development seminars for a charity organisation, where she serves on the steering team.

Anita writes inspirational articles for Mosaic Lifestyle Magazine Leamington Spa and for online magazines. She also produces personal growth videos.