The amount of the glucose levels in the blood varies in the blood. When it goes up it is known as high blood sugar popularly known as hyperglycemia and when it falls it is known as hypoglycemia. Whatever we eat it gives some amount of glucose in the body and the body takes the help of other chemicals to make glucose in the liver and the muscles. The blood is the transporter of the glucose to other cells of the body. To convert this into energy it takes the help from insulin. The insulin hormone is produced by the pancreases which is an organ located near the abdomen. Insulin helps to move the glucose from the food to enter into the cells. If the human body stop making insulin then that is known as type 1 diabetes and if the insulin is not functioning properly then that is know as type 3 diabetes. So a situation in which the glucose is not entering the cells as much amount as required then it creates high blood sugar.


The levels of blood sugar are measured with the help of glucometer.A drop of blood is placed on the strip of the machine and inserted. The amount of blood sugar is displayed within seconds in digital from. Urine blood sugar tests are also done to know the amount of sugar levels in laboratories. A urine sample is given to lab technicians. The normal blood sugar ranges between 90 to 130 mg/dL in fasting and below 180 mg/dL after meals.

Complications of blood sugar

When the blood sugar level is high for long hours then it causes dehydration. When a fasting blood sugar is above 109 mg/dL in adults and above 100 mg/dL is found untraced for several years it may cause tissues in brain, kidney and arteries. If high blood sugar is combined with the appearance of ketones in the urine then immediate medical advice should be seeked.If blood sugar is on the high side like above 165 mg/dL for several weeks then proper treatment of diabetes is suggested.


The causes of high blood sugar are high content of carbohydrates in the blood. The human body cannot convert the high amount of carbohydrate into energy which makes the high blood sugar.
The production of insulin hormone in the body is not sufficient. The stress levels are high. Some drug like steroids makes the sugar level on high. There is lack of physical workout due to which the sugar is not getting utilized in the body. Improper diet is the possible causes of high blood sugar.


The common symptoms of blood sugar includes increased thirst, dryness in mouth, urge to urinate again and again, Improper vision, dryness and itchiness on the skin,fatigue,rapid weight loss. If the high blood sugar is for long hours then it leads to dehydration and symptoms like difficulty in breathing, dizziness while standing, unconsciousness is felt.


The high blood sugar can be controlled at home by taking all the required medicines for diabetes on time. Have your meals on time. Take sugar free substitutes. The strategy to keep the blood sugar in control is to exercise daily. But if you have ketones in your urine then exercise is not suggested. Take the advice of a dietician and follow the diet plan as advised by him.

If after following the proper diet and doing exercises you are not able to control your sugar levels then start medications. Check if you have is not suffering with any other disease which is making your blood sugar on high side.

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