In clinical practice, seminal vesiculitis, referring to the inflammation of the seminal vesicle, is commonly classified as acute and chronic types. Men bothered by this problem can suffer from many physical symptoms related to the urinary system and reproductive system.

Acute seminal vesiculitis usually occurs with acute prostatitis simultaneously. Acute seminal vesiculitis occurs accompanied by blood in semen , in addition to the hemospermia treatment, antibacterial therapy is really important. Here, i will introduce 5 common antibiotics for seminal vesiculitis.


This medicine has strong penetrability, so it is easy to penetrate the prostatic epithelial cells. For this reason, this antibiotic is easy to effect to the prostate, treating the prostatitis. In addition, it can show Insoluble state, which has high sensitively to the staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus. However, it shows ineffective to the gram-negative bacillus, so it is usually used in combination with the kanamycin.


Male patients can take the medicine for 2 tablets two times a day for about four to six weeks. To improve the pesticide effect, patients can take oral alkaline drugs simultaneously.

Cephalothin and TMP

It can effect the prostate to kill bacteria through blood. The commonly used are Cephalothin Ⅵ capsule, and patients can take 2 tablets for 4 times a day. For server patients, they can take it for 4-8g with 2 times intravenous injection. However, if patients are allergic to the cephalosporin, please suspend the medicine.


Some penicillins are effective to the specific bacteria of the urinary tract. While it does not have good action on the treatment of the nonspecific bacteria.


The commonly used quinolonesa are norfloxacin, 0.2g for 3 times a day; Ofloxacin, 0.2g for 2 times a day. For the severe suffers, they can take intravenous injection for 0.2g per times, 2 times a day for ten to fifteen days. Some side effects are digestive tract symptoms.

In sum, patients can take the suitable treatment option depending on their disease conditions. But there medicines are chemicals which can easily lead to side effects or drug resistance if taking for too long, leading to the recurrence of the prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis.

As a result, if things don’t get better for a long time, you should suspend the antibiotic treatment. To radically solve seminal vesiculitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more recommended, which works better on solving chronic symptoms in patients, and it leads to no side effects during the treatment. So this medicine can help you pull through completely.

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