Generally speaking, the composition of semen are seminal vesicle fluid, epididymis fluid, urethral bulbar fluid, prostatic fluid and so on. To all intents, sperm takes up only 5% of semen, and the rest of semen is produced by the male prostate gland, seminal vesicle and other glands.

These compositions of semen have different color, and the semen color may be different among males. From light yellow, milky white, pure white, to being colorless, these can all be the usual semen colors. The difference in semen color is simply due to the different components' ratios in semen.

Doctors point out that for sperm that is produced early and has stuck in your body for a long period of time, its color may be more likely to shade into yellow. Consequently, after abstinence, men are more likely to ejaculate with yellow semen.

As a result, you should take control of your sexual life at ordinary times, neither abstaining from sexual behaviors too long, nor overindulging in sexual experience for a long period of time, both of which will be adverse to your body fitness.

On the flip side, your urine can be yellow, and it may likewise affect the color of semen if there is a small amount of remaining urine left in the urethra and by coincidence, the semen volume is relatively low. So doctor suggests that you should supplement more water and urinate in a timely manner to make your urethra cleaner, which can likewise help you avoid urinary tract problems and other symptoms.

What’s more, you should also take notice of the infection or inflammation related to your urinary system. For instance, bacterial prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis may likewise affect the semen, making it become dark red or yellow fluid.

Luckily, in this case, you can use the herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to solve these illnesses effectively, which can help you terminate inflammation, improve the sperm quality as well as the urogenital system health with no side effects on your fitness.

Doctors add that your sperm needs to be active to achieve the fertilization, which requires sufficient tonics such as zinc and magnesium from the prostatic fluid plus fructose from the seminal vesicle. As a result, foods sufficient in vitamin E and C, zinc, and so on have good effects on improving testicular function and can help you to produce sound sperm. These nutrients can be obtained in walnuts, citrus fruits, oysters, sunflower seeds, and other foods.

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