Blood in semen implies the hemospermia clinically. It refers to the kidney illness induced by heat into the sperm chamber, qi deficiency in the spleen and kidney induced by damage to the blood collaterals of the sperm chamber, and blood extravasation outside the veins.

The clinical manifestations of the blood stasis and essence obstruction are red, pink, reddish brown or bloodshot semen. It's usually induced by seminal vesiculitis, which is easy to give rise to repeated attacks, inviting impotence, no ejaculation and so on, accompanied by a series of mental symptoms.

Can hemospermia be detected by the naked eye?

The hemospermia that you can observe through you eyes are usually bright red or light red. And in this case, a large number of red blood cells in the semen can be visible under the microscope.

What features does hemospermia have in the clinical practices? Notice these three ones.

1. The onset age is commonly not limited. Young, middle-aged and elderly males may experience this problem, while it is more common in young adults featuring frequent sexual activities.

2. The occurrence of this problem is intermittent. Some clinical sufferers with hemospermia can get recovered with no therapy, but the problem can recur after a period of time, commonly a few days or weeks.

3. Its accompanying symptoms are commonly not marked, even with no any accompanying symptoms.

As a result, when you have hemospermia, what can you eat in daily life to ameliorate your condition?

1. Boiled black beans with pig kidney. 500 grams of black beans and two pig kidneys. Half a month is a course of therapy. It can tonify kidney and nourish essence, and is used for hemospermia induced by the kidney deficiency.

2.Fresh lotus rhizome porridge: About 60 grams of fresh lotus root, 50 grams of japonica rice, and appropriate amount of sugar. Boil both into porridge and add in some sugar. It can clear away heat, cool down the blood and improve the abnormal bleeding, which is commonly used for the hemospermia triggered by blood-heat bleeding.

3. Carp soup: One carp (about 300 to 400 grams), pepper, scallion, ginger and so on. It can clear away the damp and heat that induced hemospermia.

Scientific diet can relieve the pain induced by hemospermia to some extent, but it can not radically deal with this problem. Generally speaking, you need to solve the underlying condition that gives rise to the hemospermia, namely the seminal vesiculitis.

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