According to doctors, male infertility is actually more complex than female infertility. There are many reasons, such as bad living habits of men, always smoking, drinking alcohol, staying up late, etc., which will affect the quality of sperm.

Moreover, according to the relevant survey, male infertility may be related to occupation. One occupation has a high infertility rate. This occupation is programmers. Please do not ignore it. The reasons are as follows:

Because of professional characteristics, they may miss the "best childbearing age."

Today is an Internet age, and many things need to be completed with the help of networks and programs. Hence, society has more and more demand for talents engaged in the profession of programmers, and the professional requirements are higher and higher. If a boy wants to be a good programmer, he must spend a lot of time studying, so most programmers graduate and work in their 30s. Then work for several years, accumulate a certain economic foundation, and get married. Generally, when they want to have children, they miss the "best childbearing age."

We know that men, like women, are getting older, and their physical functions are declining. Especially with age, the quality of sperm decreases, and their fertility is getting worse and worse. Some even lead to oligospermia or abnormal sperm quality because of age, so many infertility problems exist.

Programmers are so busy with work that they have no time to prepare for pregnancy with their lovers.

In addition, many infertile couples are not seriously ill or even sick. However, women do not arrange pregnancy preparation during ovulation because their husbands are too busy preparing for pregnancy when they set.

Because they are busy with work and have no time to prepare for pregnancy with their loved ones, this may be a problem that many men engaged in programming admit.

A cousin, a programmer, has been married for about four years and has no children. According to my sister-in-law's private complaint, my cousin often works overtime, and it's common to stay up late at night. It's difficult to sleep well, let alone prepare for pregnancy. Therefore, the number of times they spend together is limited, and it is naturally difficult for them to get pregnant.

Because of the nature of work, it is detrimental to fertility.

Speaking of programmers often working overtime, this is very harmful to the body and also affects the quality of sperm. Moreover, the nature of the programmer's work requires sitting next to the computer for a long time. We know that, first of all, long-time sitting will lead to excessive local temperature in men, which is not conducive to the production and survival of sperm, so it is easy to have infertility.

Secondly, they often sit next to the computer for more than 10 hours a day. As we all know, sitting for a long time hurts the body. Naturally, it is easy to lack exercise in this state. In addition, the work pressure is usually immense, which will lead to male hormone secretion disorder, reduce kidney activity and affect sperm quality. At that time, it is either easy to cause infertility or poor sperm quality, resulting in fetal malformation or abortion.

And sedentary will oppress the prostate, easy to lead to prostatitis. This condition requires medication. Antibiotics are suitable for men with bacterial prostatitis, especially in an acute stage. Suppose prostatitis is found in the routine examination of prostatic fluid, but there are no bacteria, which belongs to non-bacterial prostatitis. In that case, the patient can choose natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.

Sedentary will also reduce the exercise opportunities of pelvic floor muscles, reduce the androgen level in the body, lead to the degradation of vascular function, directly affect the erectile function of the penis and affect fertility. Therefore, men should exercise moderately every day, such as lifting the anus appropriately. After sitting for a long time, get up and move, which plays a positive role in maintaining normal sexual function.

Do you think it is reasonable that the fertility rate of this occupation is low?

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