A few weeks ago, a number of women accused a well-known Hollywood producer of raping, assaulting, and sexually harassing them. And, since then, a number of other women have come forward.

It hasn’t stopped there, though, as a number of other high profile men have also been accused of the same thing. In a way, it is as if what has happened with this producer has given other women the all clear.

A Big Cover Up

Some of the women who are now speaking out against this producer are said to have done the same thing many years ago, but they were not give the support that they needed. There are even actresses who had their reputation ruined for doing so.

When this took place, they would have done the right thing; shamefully, the same thing couldn’t be said about the people who were supposed to help them. This shows that not only did this producer have a lot of control in Hollywood; they also have a lot of control when it came to the media.

It Was Normal

There have also been a number of actors and actresses who have said that they were well aware of what this guy was like, and that this kind of behaviour is the norm as opposed to the exception. With this mind, it makes it easier to understand why it has taken so long for anything to be done.

This is then not just an environment where people are desperate to get ahead; it is also a place where dysfunctional behaviour is overlooked. Yet, if someone desperately wants to make it, it is going to be clear what their priorities are.

Another Reason

So, if someone desperately wanted to make it, the last thing they would have wanted to do was to blow their chance. And, even if this meant that they had to be treated badly, it might not have been enough for them to speak out.

Therefore, if someone like this is speaking out it can show that they no longer have anything to lose. There is always the chance that someone like this had a childhood where they were treated in a similar manner, thereby setting them up to feel comfortable with abuse.

Two Sides

Due to what certain actors and actresses like to come out with at award ceremonies and on social media, for instance, it can be hard to understand how something like this can take place in Hollywood. These people like to create the impression that they have the moral high ground, and that other people, the ones who watch their films, should follow their advice.

It has been said that if someone knows when something bad is happening but they don’t anything about it, they are also to blame. Perhaps the actors and actresses who lecture others are simply doing what they can to make themselves feel better.

A Facade

Interestingly, this was a producer who supported a number of differently causes, which created the impression that he was a moral human being. For example, this was someone who joined the women’s march earlier this year.

The purpose of this march was for women to express their anger at Donald trump, who had just become the president of America. What had played a part was that this was someone who had been accused of behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner, amongst other things.

Another Occurrence

A few months before the story broke about this producer, it came out that a film director and screenwriter had also abused his power. This was someone who had been seen as a “feminist ally” since the late nineties.

During the time that this person was married, it was said that he had numerous affairs with women. While this was going on, he spent plenty of time talking about feminism and how important it was for men to support this movement.

It Goes On

It doesn’t end there, though, as there have been a number of other “male feminists” who have also been accused of behaving inappropriately. Untimely, the image that these men presented to the world didn’t match up with who they really were.

One then has to wonder if they truly believed this in movement, or if they just went along with it in order to please the opposite sex. Maybe this is just a way for them to indirectly fulfil their own needs.

Two Sides

When a man doesn’t support this movement but he acts as though he does, it could show that he doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. Deep down, he may feel ashamed and guilty.

And, as he feels this way, he is going to believe that it is not possible for him to be accepted for who he is or to get his needs met when it comes to the opposite sex. Playing a role that is likely to please certain woman can then be seen as a way for him to get the approval and attention that he desperately needs.

A Bad Conscience

If, on the other hand, a man is behaving in a way that causes women harm, then this can fill him with a lot of guilt and shame. One way for him to deal with this guilt is to present himself as someone who is highly supportive of women.

The feedback that he receives through doing this can keep his true feelings at bay; the trouble is that if his stops behaving in this way, he will soon be consumed by how he truly feels. This is then why he needs to continue to behave in this way.


What this shows is that when someone is drawn to a certain cause or movement, it can be a way for them to avoid themselves. Through feeling so bad about themselves, they have the need to come across as though they are holier than thou.

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