The corporate culture around the world is adulterated by male-dominance which in some aspects has become a real nuisance. According to Wikipedia, women hold just 0.5% of CEO roles in Fortune 500 companies. The rest is occupied by their male counterparts, which pretty much opens a big dialogue regarding the prevalent working conditions for women in the corporate spectrum. By no means, women lack in abilities and skills in order to compete for top positions. Women are rather laden by typical stereotypes and working cultures, which do not foster their success. In fact, much of the corporate world set in the course to hand more opportunities to men.

The problem of the gender pay gap and remote chances of promotion are some of the surface-level problems that women deal with it. There are underlying issues which working women continue to deal with in tiny bits that have succumbed to entire working culture. It has become part of the package and our sheer ignorance has made everyone casually accept it. The Sex and Power report shows some alarming statistics on the entire problem of gender inequality.

If you are a woman who is fed up of an organization’s workplace culture, then you need to map out a strategy to deal with the problem. Here’s how you should go about it:

Acceptance: Identifying the problem and accepting is an important factor. You are not being suggested to bow down and succumb to failure. Acceptance does not mean you settle for the odds. It means to acknowledge the problem and understand that it cannot be eradicated any easily. If you are unnecessarily fretting and giving away your energy to it, it will not benefit you. Start by accepting the problem and then planning out your solution constructively.

Coalition: You may not be the only female working in the organization. The reality is that you will have to build a coalition. Be your advocate but let others also to step in for you. If it is a problematic situation or a matter of promotion, garnering support from your colleagues would certainly pester your stake. You need to find supportive colleagues, whether males or females who share the same thoughts with you. Finding someone who can advocate for you is going to be important.

Lawsuit: Should the situation be dire and there is no other way than wiping the floor in a courtroom, your best option is to get in touch with an attorney. A good example of a competitive attorney remains David Sanford who is profoundly known as the Chairman of Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP based in New York City. David has a replete experience representing women in court in different cases. He specializes in representing C-suite clients and has taken a large number of cases centered on gender discrimination. David has won millions for his clients and is highly revered in the legal fraternity in the United States. Finding a lawyer like David Sanford who benefits from experience in representing women clients would work the best for you.

No to being a “Yes” woman: Since male-dominance is constantly being imposed in the entire organizational structure, it is easy to lose yourself in the thick of everything. Most female workers conform to the odds and they do not even realize how far they are going in digging up a grave for themselves. Liberate yourself from the toxic “yes” woman notion.

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Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on different topics.