Music is the thing that we have to listen to our sad and happy moments. We all hear songs when we feel very lonely and when very happy. There are many types of songs, but they are 2 types. One is sad, and another is romantic or happy songs. You also have to remind that pieces are also cultural songs, classical songs, folk songs, modern songs, old songs, party songs, item songs, etc.

Now we are talking about the Malayalam industry's best song, which is melodic songs. It is the most popular song right now. At this moment, songs are charming; the Malayalam industry gained much more fame. Alsop added that you could also get the songs from the kuttyweb, a trusted mp3 songs downloading site.

Mazha Paadum

The song is from the movie name Sunday Holiday, one of the best movies in Malayalam cinema. You can hear the songs, and I can faithfully say that you will love this song mostly because of the song's tune and music are very fantastic.

Aravind Venugopal and Aparna Balamurali were the song singers whose voice is so sweet in the songs, and the songs have gained much more views on Youtube. And the opinions of the songs is 20 million which get the top listed songs at that time. Deepak Dev was the music director of the song, and Jis Joy was the song's lyricist.

Puthiyoru Pathayil

It is another hit and viral song of Malayalam cinema, which is now the most viewed Youtube song. You will be inspired to know that the song is also the melodic song that gained the box office super hit song. Even the movie of the songs was a hit movie at the box office.

Sushin Shyam was the singer of the song, which singer was Nazriya Nazim under Vinayak Sasikumar. You will also be shocked that it is the number of viewed songs on Youtube and the song's views 13 million. You will love this song because the songs are available on many online platforms. Because malayalam songs download is more reliable for the internet.

Ee Shishirakaalam

It is the last song of this article, and the music is also the most loved song, which is now on Youtube trend. Most peoples love to listen to Malayalam songs because very expert artists entirely make the songs. And the songs have been gained nearly 7 million views on Youtube. You will love this tune of the song.

Vineeth Sreenivasan and Kavya Ajit were the singers of the songs which the music director was Shaan Rahman. The great songwriter Harinarayanan B.K wrote the lyric of the song. After the song's release, it gets much more fame at the box office, which is also loved by all the audience.


Listen to all the Malayalam songs that I include in this article and feel the tune. You might love all the song's melody, which is so euphonious. Also, the Malayalam industry is very famous for its natural making of a song.

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