Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

“Whatever you create in your life you must first create in your imagination.”
Tycho Photiou

In recent months, the economy has been on everyone's mind. There are few people and companies who have experienced no ill effects from the economic downturn. With all of the doom and gloom that's going around, it's easy to see why many of us feel hopeless and downtrodden.

Still, there are people who are flourishing despite all of the negative news. They may or may not be doing as well as they were a year or two ago, but they're getting along just fine. How do they do it? Perhaps it's simply a matter of attitude.

Unless you've lived under a rock for the past few years, you've probably heard of the Law of Attraction, at least in passing. It was brought into the spotlight by a film called The Secret in 2006. But references to it have been discovered in texts that are centuries old.

So what is this mysterious secret? It's actually quite simple. The Law of Attraction states that those who focus on their desires will obtain them. It says that our thoughts dictate our reality, so if we want something badly enough, we can get it.

This notion is often dismissed out of hand. After all, at first glance, it doesn't really hold water. If you sit and visualize a cheeseburger, it doesn't just appear in front of you, no matter how badly you want it. So how can we attract bigger things just by imagining them?

Doing Your Part

“Action will sometimes be required, but if you're really doing it in line with what the universe is trying to deliver, it's going to feel joyous, you're going to feel so alive, time will just stop, you could do it all day.”
Bob Doyle

It's not fair to assume that you can just sit back and collect everything you want. Attraction is a law of the universe, but it requires some action on your part as well. According to The Secret, there are three steps you must take in order to take advantage of the Law of Attraction:

1. Ask – The first thing you must do to receive what you want out of life is to ask the universe for it. In order to do this, you must have a clear picture of it in your mind. Visualize it, and visualize what your life will be like when you receive it.

2. Believe – Once you've determined what you want, you must be confident that you will receive it. Behave as though you already have it.

3. Receive – Be open to receiving that which you have asked for. Accept the signs that the universe sends you by following your intuition.

If you follow these three steps, according to the Law of Attraction, you will get what you want out of life. It sounds easy, doesn't it? For some, it is. For others, it takes a little more work.

You see, those of us who are unhappy with some aspect of our lives often allow it to consume us. We might wish for better things, but our focus is on wishing that the status quo weren't so bad. We wish that we didn't have to juggle the bills each month, or that we weren't trapped in a dreadful, low-paying job, or that we didn't have to drive around in an old beater of a car.

Even if we have a clear picture of what we want in our minds, these negative thoughts keep us from utilizing the Law of Attraction. We're unable to imagine our lives improving, and we are hard pressed to believe that good things will happen. As a result, we can't be open to receipt of the gifts we're asking for.

That's why we must banish negativity from our minds if we want it to work. Admittedly, it's easier said than done. When you've had a negative attitude for months, years, or your entire life, it's hard to just flip a switch and become an eternal optimist. But anyone can achieve a more positive attitude if he's committed to doing so.

Here are some ways you can help yourself shed that negativity and prepare yourself to enjoy the benefits of the Law of Attraction:

Spend some time formulating a clear and specific picture of what it is you want. Write down a description of it, including every detail you can fathom. Simply taking some time to think about what you want will improve your outlook, and it's also the first step in getting it.

Find some pictures of the things you want. Look in magazines and online. Cut or print them out and hang them up where you'll see them each and every day. This will make it easier to visualize yourself obtaining those things.

Start a gratitude journal. It's easy to do- just write down a few things each day that you're thankful for. Include positive aspects of the things you'd like to change. For example, if you hate your job, list some of the things you gain from it such as income and friendships with coworkers. This will help you maintain a positive outlook.

Give yourself credit where it's due. Instead of downplaying your victories, celebrate them. Don't let low self-esteem ruin your mindset.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
Joseph Campbell

Just like the law of gravity, the Law of Attraction is always in effect. The reason we don't always benefit from it is because we do not always use it to our advantage. We're always attracting something, but it's not always what we want. In order to take full advantage of the Law of Attraction, we must learn to attract the right things.

Changing your way of thinking is the hard part. Once you've accomplished that, the rest is a piece of cake.

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