Whether you are moving because you have just purchased a new home or have lost your current one, moving can be among the most stressful things happening in your life.
By incorporating these tips into an action plan, you will be able to stay focused, organized and proactive.
Before Moving

Complete a change of address form with the United States Post Office. This can be done online here. If you subscribe to magazines or other publications, be sure to notify them. This website has a list of most magazines with their telephone numbers and a link to their Change of Address page on the magazines websites. Be sure to get this taken care of right away as it can take up to eight weeks for the change to become effective.
Cancel your newspaper subscription.
If you are moving to a new town or new state contact the Visitors Bureau for materials about your new town. The information provided typically includes a map which will help you identify important routes, such as those between your new home and your office or place of work or your child's school.
Make initial contact with childcare facilities. Depending on where you move to, you may need to place your name on a waiting list.
If at all possible, enroll your children in school before moving. Knowing that they are already enrolled will be less stressful for the entire family.
Transfer your telephone and utilities to your new location, or make arrangements to have them shut off on the proper date. You will also want to set up appointments to have services such as DSL, cable and telephone services turned on in your new home.
Don't forget to cancel services such as pest control, lawn or yard care, pool cleaning, etc.
Pack a box or large piece of luggage with the essentials for your first few nights in your new home. Anything that you use on a daily basis such as prescriptions, toiletries, your cell phone, towels, toilet paper, bed linens, pet care items and a several changes of clothing need to be readily accessible.

Upon Arrival

Change the locks. Either call a locksmith or hit the local hardware store and do it yourself, but don't put it off. You simply don't know who has a key to your new home.
Locate emergency services such as police, fire stations and the nearest hospital.
Stock the refrigerator with quick and easy meals for the short-term.
If there are no window treatments in your new home, hang temporary curtains or drapes to maintain your privacy.
If unpacking is going to be a protracted activity, try to get at least one room set up as soon as possible so you and your family feel at home and comfortable. Consider getting the living or family room done as a place of refuge where you can all go sit, relax, watch television or eat a family meal. You need at least one area of the home where chaos does not reign.
Be sure to find a safe place for your moving documents. You will need them for verification of moving expenses at tax time.
Call your waste removal company or department of sanitation for a trash and recycling collection schedule.
Change your drivers license and transfer your vehicle registration to your new town or state.
Register to vote.
Take a tour of your new neighborhood to become familiar with your new surroundings. Walking around in the early evening with your family will help you get comfortable about the area and get some family exercise in at the same time. You may find that neighbors greet you and stop for sidewalk chats. This is a great opportunity to ask for recommendations for lawn service, doctors, dentists, accountants, etc.
If you are church-goers, find a place to worship and get involved in your new community.

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