Throughout our everyday lives, we need to make choices all the time. Sometimes, we may find making any choice an overwhelming experience. Because we have so much going through our minds at once, it is often hard to sort through this ricochet of ideas, thoughts and information and make the choice that resonates with us. Then, feeling bogged down in the fear that we’ll make the “wrong” or ” bad” choice, we often become paralyzed or avoid making a choice altogether. Unfortunately, not making a choice through fear or avoidance is still making a choice. This is when fear blocks the flow of our creative energy that we have available to us to make the best choice possible in that moment.

Because we face these situations everyday, we need to practice making choices from our hearts instead of the dictates of our minds. When we feel that surge of energy that we often negatively label as “anxiety,” we need to pause, open our hearts, and breathe deeply. We must give ourselves the permission to pause so that we can bring ourselves into our heart space and get in touch with our inner truth. Once we calm the deluge of thoughts, slow down our breathing, and pay attention, we can gently and kindly remind ourselves that we are confident in our ability to make discerning choices. Asking ourselves, “What’s the best use of my time and energy right now?” or “In what direction do I feel drawn?” will assist us in following our hearts. Making a choice helps us move toward what we want even when it appears random or out of the ordinary. Even if its the simple choice to get up and change where we are sitting, it gives a feeling of movement and a new point of view.

Finally, let go of making the perfect choice. Making a choice even if it leads us down a different path gives us new information. For example, I have sometimes made a choice only to find out that this was not the direction that I wanted to go. It is important that we don’t judge ourselves as having failed or made the wrong choice but that it put us on the path of where we really wanted to be. Choice is a powerful tool to help us get unstuck or unblock energy. Don’t be afraid to make a choice for it frees us to live to our fullest potential. Choose and know we can always choose again.

The power of choice allows us to make our dreams a reality through the energy of creation.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Debra L. Reble is a licensed psychologist with expertise in the areas of individual and relationship counseling. She earned her doctorate in 1993 at Kent State University where she also taught courses in their school psychology program.

As a therapeutic intuitive, Dr. Reble also specializes in energetic healing, meditation, and guides people on their pathway toward personal transformation. She also serves as a life/spiritual coach providing information and supporting people through their life transitions. Her valuable insights and ability to assess and help people to release behavioral patterns and energetic blocks brings an enlightened perspective to human processes. Additionally, Dr. Reble focuses her energy through the heart center to nurture, embrace, and assist people in realizing their fullest potential.

Dr. Reble is the founder of HeartPaths of Cleveland, Ohio, a company that is dedicated to providing inspirational materials that enhance the full self-expression and well-being. Presently, Dr. Reble has published her first book, Soul-hearted Partnership: The Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy, released in November of 2009.

Dr. Reble is also a director with Foundation in Light, an international nonprofit and educational organization whose mission is dedicated to the full integration of light through the heart into human experience. As a director, Dr. Reble assists in presenting workshops, retreats, and consultations nationally to facilitate personal growth, well-being, and full self-expression.