A couple of years ago we all praised the importance of video conferencing software or solutions, and we all witnessed how dramatically it transformed the way distributed teams can communicate & collaborate. Video conferencing software significantly cuts down on travel time and operational costs for businesses and enterprises. It also keeps your business safe & secure from unforeseen circumstances. The best part is video conferencing solutions add exceptional value by enhancing communication & collaboration capabilities.
Way back in 2018, the video conferencing market had soared to a market value of more than USD 3 billion. It is projected to double the market value in 2026 by reaching a whopping USD 6 billion; this exhibits a growth rate of more than 9 percent.
With the level of innovation in 2020, virtual meetings, team collaboration, online meetings, are becoming more simplified, better, efficient, and productive.
Establish more attention towards video, engagement, and audio
Time spent attending ineffective meetings has been a cause of poor business management for years. Holding a perfect meeting is far from reality, but sure has improved with modern cloud technology, software development, and the desire to adopt video conferencing software. Based on studies by Doodle in 2019, more than $399 billion is wasted each year on inefficient meetings.
The global video conferencing market is expanding, personnel and companies are demanding sophisticated video conferencing solutions with great visuals and acoustics. With multiple meeting rooms based on agendas, crucial meeting items, meeting recording, presentation uploads, whiteboards, and other features that make them the top choice for a global workforce.
AI will prove to be a crucial facilitator or catalyst in the future of video conferencing. With AI joining virtual meetings, it will have the potential to transcribe audio, take an attendee count, cut out meeting noise, and provide machine learning insights into the complete virtual meeting experience for various use cases. AI will serve as a fundamental piece of the puzzle for a meeting room experience.
Outlining an agenda is the first step in holding better meetings, but adopting top-notch video and acoustics builds a strong foundation to leverage an organized meeting. Without proper sound management, and video conferencing solutions can become frustrating for meeting attendees.
Virtual meetings will be next commonplace.
There is no doubt video conferencing will potentially change the way teams meet around the globe. With the rise of top video conferencing software like iFMeets, Zoom, Cisco Webex, etc. as all-round video meeting solutions for business and enterprise communication and collaboration. As various use cases like AEC, Healthcare, Education, Sales, etc. explore & leverage video conferencing tools, the demand has increased by more than 750% in the last 4 years. With global requirements for in-person meetings and remote working, video conferencing solutions demonstrate potential benefits like travel costs, enhanced productivity, and higher engagement levels for virtual meetings.
The chance of conducting a meeting is likely to be “Anywhere”.
Long gone are the days where people take their meetings in cubicles. The age of open offices, collaborative furniture, flexible spaces, etc. are symbols of the modern worker or workplace. With small huddle rooms, meetings can be conducted on an ad-hoc basis. Your home can become a conference room if the right online video conference solution is adopted. Businesses and enterprises have the opportunity to create a unique meeting experience that is capable of facilitating a unique virtual meeting experience.

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Making your business and enterprise workspace future-ready with top video conferencing software takes virtual meetings to an all-new level. The need to adopt rapid connectivity is more critical than ever for communication and collaboration. As a result, the need for video conferencing technology and platforms has exploded. With businesses and enterprises feeling the need to simplify and manage complex and diverse meetings, an enhanced user experience augmented productivity, and business value will be top facilitators in future-ready workspaces.