The roof is that component of your house that keeps your family out of the weather elements’ severe effects. Therefore, knowing your roofing system condition will allow you to guarantee your home security. Besides, you will be able to make the necessary repairs promptly. This way, you’ll extend your roof’s useful life and keep the good look of your property.

In this sense, the Magnolia Roofing Services expert team advice homeowners to create a roof inspection checklist. Below, we`ll show you what items to consider for this purpose.

Look for Leaks Warning Signs

It is not easy to access the roof to find damages on it. This task can be dangerous, so it is better to leave it to professionals. However, you can perform periodical inspections by yourself from the ground. Can you get a pair of binoculars? If so, you can look for these roof leaks signs:

• Damaged or missing shingles
• Corrosion spots or cracked caulk on flashings
• Worn-out rubber boots in vent conduits
• Presence of mold and lichen

Likewise, don’t forget to check your gutters looking for asphalt granules. A big accumulation of them can be the best indicator that your shingles may have overcome their useful life.

Other areas of your house such as your attic and your ceilings can also give you signs of roof leaks. You must check them seeking the following:

• Wet, damp, or moldy insulation
• Sunlight ingress from outside
• Dark areas on ceilings
• Water stains on the water heater venting pipes
• Peeling paint on roof overhangs’ underside

If you detect one or more of these signs, it means that your roofing system is prone to present leaks. In these cases, do not hesitate to request our professional roofing inspection.

Additional Signs of Roofing Problems

The following are other items you can check from outside your property:

• A broken tile is also a red flag. Over time, these breaks can turn into leaks.
• It is also important to detect the formation of curls at the asphalt shingles tips. These must be flat. If they are bent upwards, you must change them.
• Inspect the area around the house. If there are broken or missing tiles, they will fall to the ground or on the grass or some bush.
• Loose or exposed nails
• Cracks in the chimney
From the inner part of your house, you can check:
• The roof supports’ condition in the attic. In areas with intense winters, the weight of the snow can damage the rafters.
• Cracks in the roof plywood
• Obstructed attic vents
• Leaks around openings to the outside such as vents and chimneys

Our Roof Inspection Services

Without professional help, it may be hard to locate precisely a leak source. But, our team of roofing Contractor Covington can perform an inspection to give you a complete idea of your roof condition.

The purpose is to detect small problems on time before they become major concerns and costly repairs. In this sense, we suggest scheduling two professional roofing inspections per year.

We can provide all the roofing maintenance you require. Our Atlas Corporation certification and our vast experience endorse our excellent reputation.

We serve many areas such as Mandeville, Covington,Madisonville, LA, and more. Do you want to know how you can keep your roof in excellent shape? Then, Call us today at (985) 200-4463 and get an estimate.

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