Indulging in healthy eating is fine, but making sure it continues is a hefty task. While kids would always opt for chips and chocolate over veggies and salads, your schedule as a parent could also encourage the idea of takeout food.

This can be minimised with some simple steps and tricks to make your child indulge in happy and nutritious eating!

1. Encourage the idea of healthy eating.
And this happens when you yourself practice the virtue of healthy eating. You cannot be expecting your child to eat vegetables and salad while you gorge on that packet of potato chips. Also, young kids imitate their parents. So what you do and what you eat, including how you eat, will have a severe effect on your kid.

2. Less processed, more wholesome.
The food you cook or rather place on the dinner table has to be wholesome in nature. Make sure your fussy eater gets the best of both the worlds, including the nutrition of raw foodstuffs and also taste. Whilst cooking, try and keep food as natural as possible. Overcooking destroys the nutritious elements of the food, and we do not want that.

3. Healthy is interesting.
Eating healthy is usually taken to be synonymous with boring food. It’s not. With a sprinkle of innovation and a whole lot of creativity, you too can make healthy and interesting. For example, add merely cooked vegetables and mashed potatoes to the meat or pour some maple or vanilla syrup to fruits. Let the proportion of interesting and healthy be equal, and you’ll never have trouble dealing with your little fussy eater.

4. Do more of home cooking.
Your busy schedule might not allow you to invest this much time into cooking but never miss an opportunity to cook at home. And when you do this, involve your kid in cooking. This way, you’ll get some basic help, and you won’t have to rely on restaurant deliveries and take-outs anymore for these foodstuffs have added amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats.

5. Keep healthy snacks handy.
This rule is to be followed when you’re out with your kids or when you know you’re going to be busy for the entire week. Stock plenty of fruits, vegetables, juices, wholesome food items, and keep less of soda, chips, cookies, and chocolates. Make sure you carry these when out for the day with your kid so that you have to be less dependent on fast food.

Food feels tastier when they fun and positivity around the dinner table. Make meals more about just healthy food. You can do this by introducing variety to the table with Indian kids’ recipes, asking your kid about their day at school, and making them a part of a conversation instead of expecting him to be quiet and finishing the meal on his own.

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Amna Kahn