There’s no question that productive agents greatly increases a call center’s profits and contributes towards the expansion of its business. It’s often easy for team leaders and coaches to complain about those workers not performing well enough, but have they done enough to allow their operators to be all that they can be?

A single employee’s negative attitude can rub off on all other agents. To make them more productive and effective, they should first realize that work isn’t something they have to slave over. Their job is a chance for them to grow and prosper. By motivating workers to enjoy what they do, it’s bound to produce nothing but higher-quality output.

One way to achieve this is through the improvement of the workplace, with everything in order and in its proper place. A dirty and cluttered surrounding will produce nothing but negative results. On the other hand, a clean and spacious working environment will encourage employees to work harder and better. A pleasant office will boost morale and equate to happy and healthy agents.

Give credit to a call center agent whenever it’s due. A little communication and recognition can go a long way towards motivating an operator. Promote teamwork, openness, and transparency. By working as a team, agents can work together to solve various issues and improve efficiency. An open environment that allows people to voice out each their ideas will make them feel valued and important. In addition, you also get to know more about the areas and issues in your team that need attention.

It’s also important to realize that they’re not robots, so don’t overwork them by constantly making them toil for long hours. Constant overtime can lead to an exhausted and burnt out agent; resulting to poor productivity and work quality. It’s also possible for the person to get fed up and look for better opportunities elsewhere. Excellent management includes recognizing a call center agent’s condition and knowing when enough is enough.

A clearly defined mission along with a set of goals and strategies goes a long way towards helping agents know what’s expected of them. It’s also important to provide them with the necessary resources. With a clear vision in mind and the right equipment at hand, call center agents have all they need to get the job done and do it spectacularly.

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