The astounding growth of Logistics industry in India is a clear indication of the potential of career opportunities in this sector. In the near future a huge number of skilled manpower will be required to meet the increasing demands of the smooth running of operations.

The scope of careers in logistics and aviation industry has grown tremendously considering the fact this sector recorded a steep increase in the last 5 years. Basically, plan terms, Logistics and Supply Chain Management broadly refers to the process of physical management of goods and commodities starting from the acquisition process, storage and transportation, to handling it safely both at the production place and also at the last destination before selling.

Logistic businesses are the base to almost every business at this point in time as it creates a connect between different channels like supplier, manager,retailer etc that are responsible for running smooth operations. In the same fashion, transportation acts as a link between various transportation stages like firms, logistics firm,manufacturing units, merchandising units and other units. So, the role of logistics sector work in close connection with other business sectors like- Food, Clothing, Automobiles, trade, retail etc. It is an upcoming industry in India with its business estimation going to be crossing $100 worth in the coming years.

Therefore, deciding for a career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can be a smart choice given the fact that the global supply chains are expanding enormously. Today, there are many educational institutes offering Bachelors as well as Masters level courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and not only this, short term courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the new in thing. Few important points must be kept in mind before you register with an institute. First of all, it is important know if the institute is affiliated with educational Government body like the UGC (University Grant Commission).

After all, there are many institutions operating without UGC approval, falling into the trap of one of these institutions may endanger your academic prospects. Secondly, a good institute is easily identifiable from its successful placement rates which means a thorough study on the institute's placement history can help you decide on your call. Thirdly, like in every other academic firm it is important to find out the quality of the academic faculty of the Supply Chain Management Training Institute

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