The purpose of employment isn’t just limited to financial stability and growth. An appropriately chosen career is also an excellent way to give back to the community. Below introduces five careers that not only guarantee a great earning potential, but also the chance to leave your mark on the community.

Domestic Violence Survivor Advocate
Every day in America, people of all ages are hurt and hospitalized by their loved ones. DV survivor advocates work in both nonprofit and government sectors to assist DV survivors. They do this through providing resources, legal help and emotional support. DV survivor advocates play a critical role in protecting vulnerable and victimized DV survivors and help them with each recovery process as they continue to cope with their circumstances.

Prisoner Advocate
A bachelor’s degree in law is the first step in becoming a prisoner advocate. Every day the poor and people of color experience legal discrimination through the American court and corrections systems. Prison advocates are lawyers who represent and fight to ensure that prisons comply with state and federal laws. Learn more through contacting the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) National Prison Project.

Law Enforcement
Being a police officer is an excellent way to help and protect others. Law enforcement officers work in a variety of positions, ranging from school police to community engagement officers. Law enforcement officers serve the community in ways that no one else can. If you are interested in learning more about law enforcement, consider volunteering at your local police station or look into criminal justice programs at various institutions.

Entrepreneur Coach
While small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to start and maintain their business. Entrepreneur coaches work with small business owners to help them develop skills, solve business problems and plan for the future. The U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) offers SCORE associations, where experienced business volunteers assist new, small business owners with their aspiring goals.

Civil Engineer
According to the Economist, the quality of America’s infrastructure is growing worse while the amount of related GPD investment is shrinking. Engineers design, construct and maintain facilities and infrastructure at home and abroad. There is a growing demand for civil engineers to help offset America’s growing infrastructure problems. Consider getting a civil engineering online degree to make a difference in your community.

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