Are you heading for your job interview or an important business meeting? Are going for your big date or meeting your in-laws for the first time? When you meet someone for the first time, it's just a matter of minutes and you form an opinion about the person. These initial 3-minutes is truly the make or break situation for you.

Your appearance is the first thing that catches the eye of the person you're trying to impress. So it's important to look your best, when it comes to first impressions. Many of us may argue that it's not about looks but about inner beauty and talent. Using cosmetic products, beauty products, skincare products - all this is irrelevant. If that's what you think, it's time to get a reality check.

Will you buy a perfume that is packed in a shabby box or open an envelope that is soiled, tattered and torn? May be, I'm over-exaggerating but the fact is packaging matters. Only if you find the package pleasing, you will explore its contents. Take for example an interview, of the number of candidates, the ones who present themselves well and are confident always grab the attention of the interviewer. A first impression may not always be the last impression but it is definitely a lasting impression. And to make the perfect first impression, you have cosmetic products, skin care products and lot more to enhance your appearance.

Follow these simple tips and put your best foot forward:

1) Use cosmetic products: If you look the part, half your battle is won. There are many cosmetic products available in the market to help you enhance your looks and even hide flaws. Let's decode what cosmetic products can do.

* A good foundation of a shade that matches your complexion forms the base of your make up. It offers coverage for uneven skin tone, fine lines, light blemishes

* Compact powder complements your foundation and prevents shine

* You may have to follow it up with a concealer if the any flaws are still visible

* BB cream is the latest obsession. It like a foundation, fairness cream, moisturizer and sunscreen, all-in-one.

* Eye liner, eye pencil (kajal) defines your eyes and eye shadow adds a bling of colour
* Blush enlightens your face and look lively

* You've got to seal the look with a lipstick/ Lip Gloss with or without a lip liner

The key to good make up is not to overdo it. Depending on the mood and occasion plan your look. Basic, sober make up for a formal meeting and you can try a funky look if you are heading for a party.

2) Skin care products: Make up is just the surface. Beauty is not skin deep and there comes the need for skincare. Follow the cleansing-moisturizing-toning to ensure healthy skin. Use scrubs and masks weekly. Once a while indulge yourself with a good facial.

Skincare for men has always been very conservative. Limited to soaps and shaving creams. But today there are a lot more skincare products for men. Moisturisers, fairness creams, shower gels for men are in huge demand. Men or women-use skincare products that take care of all your skincare needs.

3) Perfumes: No one likes people who smell bad around. Deodorants, perfumes, colognes - choose a product that'll help you smell good all day.

4) Attire: Again the trick here is to keep the mood and the occasion in mind. Choose clothes that compliment your personality and make you feel comfortable. Complete your look with the right shoes and accessories (again don't go overboard with accessories)

5) Body language: It's a very important tool used to judge people. So be comfortable in your own skin and flash those whites when you feel the need to.

Having said that, the idea is not to say that it's all beauty and no substance. Cosmetic products, skin care products for men and women and the other tips will only help you get noticed. Then it's your job to prove yourself. You will surely not like a bad perfume in an attractive package, right. There is no substitute for inner beauty and talent. You have cosmetic products and the skin care products to present yourself better. But beyond that it's the real you. So be confident, look good, feel good and put your best foot forward.

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