Do you ever feel you have so much potential that you can't sit still? All high performers feel this potential boiling up within them. It’s what they look for in turn when making key hires. But even with the most promising new employee, something can happen and, next thing you know, they’re stuck playing catch up with their inbox or putting out fires. Enthusiasm turns into frustration and if this continues over the long-term, even the best burn out or give up.

Although the weak economy has people clinging to their jobs, recent studies show that 6 out of 10 employees are looking to change jobs. That’s a costly amount of disengagement. The heart of the matter is that many employees are not making their highest possible contribution to their organizations, which are contributions only they can make, by virtue of their unique talents, skills, interests and relationships. Once employers shift the focus of an employee’s engagement to making the highest level of contribution possible, the improvement in results is remarkable.

Contributing at the highest and best level possible is the basis of breakthrough effectiveness. I define effectiveness as the ability to achieve high-quality results within an optimal timeframe. Effectiveness is commonly equated with speed, but if rushing leads to shoddy results, issues have to be addressed repeatedly, often in an increasingly painful and time-consuming way. We achieve better outcomes when our focus is on contributing enthusiastically at the best of our capacity.

When we're passionate about our engagement, our curiosity and creativity are taken to entirely new heights. When these are applied to an outlet for our unique abilities, the result is a potent combination that leads to amazing results.

One possibility is that you may find that your employees’ highest possible contribution can be best achieved in a different role. Instead of avoiding these realities, embrace them and pursue any potential realignments that will allow your organization to retain and develop outstanding contributors.

As a result, you will improve your leadership, grow your organization and enjoy the incredible fulfillment of helping others develop. The point is to be genuinely effective with your unique abilities in your lifetime. Being truly remarkable is the foundation of your legacy; it is the gift you give to yourself and to the world that you engage with.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." - John Ruskin

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Author's Bio: 

The principal of Enriching Leadership International, a global executive coaching and consulting firm, Michelle Randall maximizes the potential of high-growth global organizations. Her own leadership experience includes being a high tech executive at Silicon Valley's Airspeak, which developed the forerunner to Apple's iPad, and leading international teams in the U.S., Europe and Asia for Deutsche Telekom in Germany.