Do podcast interviews work? Well, yes and no.

Yes, if you have a clear reason for the interviews, you’ve set up your online foundation and you have a way for people to stay in touch.

No, if all you do is look for interview opportunities but have no back-end plan.

What do I mean by this? Simply put, plan for your success.
Over the past few months I’ve been going deep into the whole food, plant-based eating lifestyle. So much in fact, I’ve utilized my online marketing, product creation and social media knowledge as I grow my market reach.

I so love the plant-based lifestyle, I am growing my market reach in order to introduce books I am currently writing, products I plan to create, events I will host and speak at, consulting with plant based companies in need of visibility and market reach as well as working with individuals who want to grow a business in the genre.

As I’ve developed my foundation, I’ve had it in mind to utilize the power of podcast shows to raise awareness about what I’m doing.

However, the foundation was necessary before fully utilizing the power of podcast shows. Granted, I could do lots of interviews with no foundation. Yet, by not having a foundation in place, I miss future opportunities through staying connected with anyone who wants more of what I offer.

The Process

As with anything I work on, I put pen to paper and mapped out what needed to be done to fully optimize my efforts. This allows me to be very strategic in a rollout.

Doing so with Plant Based Eating for Health is no different. It’s essential to have a vision, plan and implementation strategies.

Here are a few of the things I have in place that allow me to fully optimize any podcast interviews I do.


One of the first things I did was set up my blog Although I started this blog with a different purpose in mind, (passion for thriving), I realized this was a great platform to share articles, videos, insights and recipes for those interested in plant based eating.

Facebook Group

This is something that connects very nicely to my blog posts. At the end of many of my posts, I invite people to join my Facebook Community. I love how quickly the group is growing. In a very short period of time, we have nearly 350 members.

I simply invite them via Facebook, the blog posts and occasionally a message to my email subscribers to join the group. The community is active and very interested in sharing and learning best tips for a solid plant-based lifestyle.


I share images of meals I’m enjoying, short videos with a quick thought about health, running images, and anything as it relates to health and plant-based eating. Oh yes, and images of my pets in that one of my motivators for going plant based is compassion for animals.


This is a work in progress. Admittedly, I have not spent as much time here as with my blog, Facebook Group and Instagram. Yet, moving forward, I will be putting a lot of attention to this fabulous platform.

YouTube Channel

I am having a blast with the YouTube Channel. Although it’s a brand new channel, there are those who are subscribing. The channel will be used to interview men and women who have gone plant based and what happened to them as a result. For example, Kate McGoey-Smith released 120 pounds, reversed several diseases, stopped meds that she thought she would be taking for life and literally got a new lease on life.

Check out her interview and the other videos at Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to receive updates as I post them.

FREE offer

This is huge to your foundation. When people hear you on a podcast interview and like what they hear, there’s a great chance they want more of your expertise.

My goal with Plant Based Eating is to help those interested make the transition as simple as possible. Thus, the reason for writing Beginner’s Guide to Plant Based Eating. This resource chronicles my journey and includes a 7 Day Reboot program … absolutely FREE.

I’m able to let people know about it one of two ways. They can visit my blog at or go directly to the opt in page at

Where to Find Opportunities

Without a doubt, podcast interviews are one of the best ways to reach a great many people in one fell swoop. That’s the great news.

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Kathleen Gage works with experts who want high visibility within their market. If you’re looking for shows seeking experts in a number of areas, check out the Directory of Podcast shows from Kathleen